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E-commerce Platforms Skubana & Barcoders Come Together

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Reduce picking, packing, and shipping errors!

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Improve your warehouse efficiency by up to 40%!

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Track and monitor your warehouse employee productivity!

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Easily adjust your physical inventory to keep it in sync with your virtual inventory!


Why Barcoders Loves This Integration

“Partnering with the SKUBANA team has been a real delight. They are professional and genuinely concerned about your business. The complimentary mixture of our two offerings, assures each customer that their business can operate at the highest level possible.”

Gordon Jennings

What Others Say About This Integration

“· Scan every outgoing order to ensure fulfillment accuracy
· Scan incoming shipments for receiving accuracy
· Easily transfer stock from one area of your warehouse to another give us the ability to know exactly how many units of each SKU are in a given pick location”

Jason Donapel

“We had been looking for a streamlined way to keep track of inventory and a way to cycle count to keep inventory as accurate as possible. The combination of Barcoders and Skubana has made this process easier by integrating barcoding and the ability to manage inventory quantities directly from the scan gun.
Not only this, the team at Barcoders are responsive and open to new ideas and adding functionality that improves their system. We can only imagine that this system will continue to evolve into a better system that keeps ahead of the times as more users chime in to help improve the Barcoders/Skubana integration.
I would recommend Barcoders to anyone who is looking to improve efficiency in their warehouses from receiving to cycle counting.”

Tom Tome
GRC Commerce

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