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Product Bundles have never been this easy.

Want to boost sales with product bundles? Skubana helps you track sales and reorder inventory down to the individual bundle components to make bundling an easy, profitable part of your online strategy.


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Product Bundle Features You'll Love


Whether you sell through Amazon, Shopify,  or another Ecommerce platform, you can manage and track all of your product bundle data to get a holistic view of performance.


Bundle Tracking

With Skubana, you can build bundles from existing core products and assign them a unique SKU. That makes it creating and tracking a smooth, repeatable process. 


Protect the customer experience. Skubana can automatically split orders for bundled products between multiple warehouses to ensure orders are fulfilled on time.


Why choose Skubana?


Data Integration

Manually updating your inventory on each channel exposes your brand to human errors; errors that increase if you have products that sell quickly.  Skubana's automation allows you to respond to new orders rapidly and accurately. Our integrations allow improved synchronization between your sales channel listings and all of your warehouses and 3PLs.

Real-time syncing enables you to maintain control as your sales volume increases across multiple channels.

You'll grasp all of your inventory in a single view and update data to be quickly reflected on all of your channels.


Maintain the integrity of the post-purchase experience with Supply Chain Automation


Skubana acts as a database for information about your suppliers and allows you to track the most critical information such as pricing, the minimum order quantities, and the production lead time for each supplier. Not only does it provides you with the data that you need but it also automates reordering as required.

Inventory replenishment becomes much more efficient, and it opens the door to increased levels of automation. Skubana automatically generates purchase orders when stock is low, recommending order quantities based on several factors

  • Track pricing, MOQ, and lead times for each supplier
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • Restock and fulfill orders across marketplaces

Go from busy to smart with superior inventory management metrics


The more that you understand your product selling patterns, the easier it is to streamline and improve inventory management across multiple sales channels and warehouses. Skubana plugs in all your expenses, such as rent, payroll, and marketing so you can determine true profitability across channels on a per SKU basis.

  • Turnover
  • Gross percent of margin
  • Customer Fulfillment Rate
  • Carrying Costs
  • Inventory Age
  • Locked Inventory

Key Features


Native Integrated

Integrate with ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, POS, and shipping & fulfillment with Skubana’s open REST API.


Automate Stocking

Automatically update stock across multiple channels in real-time; free your team from manual stock updates.


Cross- Channel

Compare your channel performance–including data on revenue, order, and units sold–by channel, over time.

80x80x4-invenotry reporting

Order Updates

Automatically update integrated sales channels as soon as orders get shipped to your customers.


Inventory reporting

Understand the true COGS value and unit count for any SKU in your product catalog since starting with Skubana.


Powerful Analytics

Increase sales, manage working capital, and find opportunities to increase profitability and inventory turns.

Hundreds of customers on dozens of channels.

High-growth brands

Our core customer is a D2C brand with marketplace and/or a wholesale presence.

  • Open employee bandwidth
  • Find new efficiencies
  • Improve availability
Marketplace sellers

Our powerful marketplace integrations are loved by high volume sellers.

  • Inventory planning
  • Tracking bundles & kits
  • Eliminate Amazon penalties

Three Support Teams, All In-house.


Our dedicated consultants support implementation & training to get you onboard faster than any other software of its kind.


Client Success Managers

Skubana's Client success managers provide proactive recommendations and strategy to drive your business forward


Skubana's live customer support team is your daily rapid response resource for questions and requests about the platform. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Skubana's reporting better?

Skubana natively delivers a comprehensive view of FIFO costs and shipping fees associated with your daily operations across a multitude of reports, including Inventory Value, Inventory Aging, SKU Profitability and demand planning, among many others. Skubana also offers complete COGS history per purchase order, which isn’t offered by most competitors: an issue that makes retroactive reviews of purchasing incredibly difficult for quarterly and year-end reporting.

Do you integrate with financial software?

Skubana provides an upgrade to financial data management via a direct integration with QuickBooks Online, hjbuilt in house by our very own team.

Do you handle bundles and kits?

No other competitor has Skubana’s functionality to create Master-to-Listing-to-Vendor SKUs of parent-child products and kits and bundles, which is a crucial piece of many fulfillment and purchasing models.  Skubana’s ​Kits and Bundles​ functionality is critical to meeting the use cases of broader component tracking. Competitor solutions that rely on ShipStation for order management naturally lack the functionality to cleanly track core components, which greatly affect order routing capabilities (eg. splitting orders; partial fulfillment; pre-orders) and purchasing (eg. no roll-up of component sales velocity or performance tracking of core components within a master kit or bundle).

How long does is take to get started?

To date, 90% of Skubana’s customer base completes implementation within 4-6 weeks (with many live even faster!), which is a rapid timeline even by today’s standards.

How does our pricing work.

Skubana starts at $499 per month, but your price is determined by your order volume and average order value. With Skubana, you will pay a single license fee instead of multiple license integration fees to multiple vendors that must be integrated (e.g. Order Management, Shipping, Inventory, Analytics, Purchasing).  As such, you also avoid costly and complicated integrations that require significant internal team hours to support and troubleshoot over the long-term. The net result of choosing Skubana over less robust solutions is a higher, sustainable operational efficiency with a significantly lower total-cost-of-ownership and significantly decreased risk.

Is Skubana focused on Security?

At Skubana, security of your customer data is a top priority. Given our adherence to industry-leading compliance standards and with AWS’ backing, we’re fully confident in our abilities to protect and secure your data from external threats. 


Hear from our customers

"The support team responds rapidly, my account manager provides consistent value and strategic advice, and the implementation team made on-boarding seamless. Skubana is more than invaluable features; it’s a customer-oriented company."

daniel-blumenthal 2

Daniel Blumenthal, 

CTO, M. Gemi

"The price for growth is strained operations, particularly replenishment. While we’re sleeping, Skubana is crunching large volumes of moving data in real-time, and always calculates the right quantity at the right time. It automates half our operations and accurately informs the rest."


Dustin Alexander,

Logistics Manager, Deathwish Coffee

"Skubana's support is amazing and super responsive. This is our first time using a software like this to fulfill and automate our orders and they've committed themselves to making sure we succeed."


Kristoffer Quiaoit, 

 Co-founder & CEO, Nui