7 Tasks D2C Brand Owners Should Delegate

As a retailer, your focus should always be on two things: growth and income generation. But sometimes the sheer amount of daily work to maintain a successful business on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and eBay can deter you from successfully [...]

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The E-commerce SEO Guide: How To Get Ranked With No Ad Spend

Online merchants have to be good at selling and marketing. Indeed, it’s only once you’ve nailed the marketing side of things that you can start selling to the right people. A key part of online marketing is SEO. SEO (Search [...]

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Skubana Raises $5.4M Series A Led by Defy Partners to Transform Commerce Operating Systems

Skubana Raises $5.4M Series A led by Defy Partners to Transform Commerce Operating Systems Skubana powers orders, inventory, and business intelligence for the world's top high-volume brands and retailers NEW YORK, New York,  June 26, 2019 -- Skubana, the world’s [...]

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Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping: How fast shipping affects conversions

Fast shipping is no longer a nice perk - it’s a necessity. Research shows that one of the most influential factors in customer conversions is fast shipping and Walmart is no exception. The world’s biggest retailer is battling it out [...]

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Key Fulfillment Strategies to Elevate Multi-Channel Sales – Webinar

73% of shoppers use multiple channels to search for products before buying them. This makes it critical for brands to appear on several marketplaces to maximize their opportunities for a purchase. But how do you efficiently fulfill these orders once they [...]

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Key Metrics to Measure and Optimize Ahead of Prime Day – Webinar

Amazon's Prime Day is around the corner. Are you prepared to make the most out of the biggest online shopping holiday of 2019? We partnered with the experts from Tinuiti (formerly CPC Strategy) to discuss our secrets for taking your Prime Day strategy [...]

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9 Strategies to Write Conversion-Oriented Email Copy Every Time

This is a guest post written by Ben Johnson. Ben is the Head of Content at Proof, a Y Combinator-backed startup that provides real-time social proof and personalization software. Over 18,000 sites trust Proof to help increase their conversion rates. [...]

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Inventory Management Blog Series

Inventory management is vital to any e-commerce business. Establishing an effective inventory management approach keeps you organized, which prevents you from over or underselling, frustrating customers, and losing vital sales. It also equips you with the data you need to [...]

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Skubana Partners with Deliverr to Expand 3PL Fulfillment Solutions Available for E-commerce Brands

Today, we are excited to announce Skubana’s partnership with Deliverr, the premier third-party fulfillment service for brands and retailers selling on eBay, Walmart and Shopify. The strategic partnership will allow customers to leverage the two-day, fast shipping options from Deliverr [...]

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