[Replay Inside] Building A Connected Customer Journey

The modern customer journey is defined by personalization, omnichannel selection, and customer-directed fulfillment. If you aren’t creating highly curated brand experiences at each customer touchpoint, you run the risk of losing to marketplaces and DNVBs who make this central to their operations. No time to watch? [...]

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In Case You Missed It! Watch The 2020 Amazon Virtual Summit

With more competition than ever and the increased prominence of paid ads, learn the exact strategies our experts are using in 2020 to help top performing vendors and sellers become market leaders on this ever-evolving marketplace. Join thousands of other [...]

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Making Amazon’s Advantage Your Advantage: Here’s what you missed

Winning on Amazon is a game of tactics that roll up to your larger growth strategy. The key is understanding what tactics are at your disposal, and the best ways of making them work for your business. That's what this [...]

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March 2020 Platform Updates – Check Out What’s Now Available

Welcome to the Skubana Monthly Customer Update. Here you'll find product news, new feature updates, and information on upcoming releases to help drive success, growth, and greater efficiency using the Skubana platform. SHOPIFY UPDATE: Shopify Locations Support 📍 Skubana now supports [...]

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Mitigating the Business Cost of Managing Returns

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes The burden of managing returns is one of the most complex struggles in ecommerce. Returns bog your team down with a lot of manual processes. They introduce friction to the customer journey. And they seriously [...]

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Here’s Why You Need An Automated Inventory System

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes An automated inventory system can be used to perform a variety of vital business operations for a retailer and D2C business, including:  Automating replenishment and purchase orders  Automated delivery of customer orders  Assigning fulfillment operations  [...]

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How to Use Multi-Lingual Support to Drive a Multi-Channel Strategy?

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s fair to say that nowadays customers have high expectations from companies they decide to do business with.  First of all, it should go without saying that great products and services are a must. However, [...]

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How Warehouse Logistics Operate in Today’s World

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes  Evolving consumer behavior and technological advances have brought radical changes to warehouse operations and supply chains in the past decade. The rise of e-commerce has disrupted not only shopping experiences but static supply chains as [...]

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The Ideal Inventory Turnover Ratio for Your Business Goals

Estimated read time: 8 minutes The answer to the question, "What is a good inventory turnover ratio?" is the midpoint between two extremes. You don't want your merchandise gathering dust; however, you don't want to have to restock too often. [...]

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Your Guide to Selling on Walmart and Inventory Management Best Practices

The onset of ecommerce marketplaces fundamentally changed how we shopped. The constant disruption in retail and consumer purchasing pushed legendary retailers like Walmart to join its virtual competitors and participate in the online retail space.  After decades of market dominance, [...]

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