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Release Notes - April 2016

Skubana has launched new & powerful features to further help your e-commerce business increase profits! Check out our latest additions to work smart & sell more!

Export Your Analytics!

Not only does Skubana provide you with detailed analytics, which can be broken down by channel, SKU, listings & more - now your analytics are fully exportable! Users can now export in 1-click to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet giving you even more access & versatility to your data.


✔ Virtual SKUs & Core Products

Adjusting your products in Skubana has never been easier. Have a virtual SKU? Now with 1-Click you can convert your variations into core products allowing you to gain real estate space in the market by creating unique kits/bundles with ease. This cleaner & more convenient method of converting SKUs will save you a TON of time!


 How to Win in E-Commerce

Skubana's own CEO, Chad Rubin recently spoke about the importance of selling everywhere in e-commerce. It's essential to have an optimized Amazon strategy, but also have an optimized OFF-Amazon strategy! Did you know that 60% of product searches are happening off Amazon! Don't miss out on increasing your profits with an effective multi-marketplace strategy!Watch the video to find out how:

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