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Release Notes - August 2015

 Analytics Preview

You now have access to our Analytics BETA for our initial roll out with many more insights to drive more profit out of your business to come at the end of the month. Stop flying blind and start understanding your business.

Skubana - Analytics BETA

✔ 100% Automated MCF

This "Use Packing Slip Template" portion will be eliminated from the MCF "Comments To User", defaulting to "Manual Comments". You can completely automate your multi-channel fulfillment through orderbots to automate select orders to ‘Set multichannel fulfillment… ‘ and ‘Set Amazon Fulfillment Method…‘

100% Automated MCF

 Awaiting Payment Orders

Once Skubana downloads an order that is Awaiting Payment, Skubana will check back periodically to update their payment status and automatically move them into their appropriate awaiting fufillment status.

Skubana - Awaiting Payment Orders

 Unique Shipping Provider Names

Now shipping provider must have a unique name. When a user integrates a secondary account with the same shipping provider, they wouldn't be able to reuse the same name. Skubana will prompt them to use a different name.

Skubana - Breakdown

 Payment Types for Orders

Payment type can be configured for orders and automated through the use of orderbots. This new feature allows orders to be easily allocated to payment processors for account purposes.

Skubana - Payment Types for Orders

 Shipsurance Terms & Conditions

We are ramping up for our integration with Shipsurance. Now when you integrate your first shipping provider, you will be presented with Terms and Conditions for Shipsurance. Shipsurance is not currently available but will be soon.

Skubana - Mark Orders as Shipped

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