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Best Shopify Apps

Shopify and its all encompassing e-commerce problem solving capabilities, can be an indispensable gift for sellers! Anything you can do, you can do better with Shopify. However, this intuitive selling platform really comes into its own with its app store.

The Shopify app marketplace has over 1,200+ independent apps to choose from that will help you create brand new products, improve the customer experience, market your business and even get ready for tax time.

We have a compiled a list of our favorite apps below check it out!

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Leveling Up Marketing And Social Media 

Marketing is an essential part of running a successful e-commerce business. You need customers so you can sell, right? These apps can help you optimize your product listings, get social proof and put yourself in front of potential customers.

    • Product reviews: Reviews are a wonderful way to engage customers, show off social proof and start establishing trust. This tool lets you add customer reviews from around the net to product listings.
    • YotPo: Discover user generated content across the web and use YotPo to bring it all together and use it to win new customers.
    • Plug in SEO: This app helps you optimize your listings for SEO in a lot of neat ways so you don’t have to worry about not showing up in search results.
    • Conversio: Are you looking for an email automation tool that can help you build a stronger relationship with your customers through nurturing sequences and abandoned cart reminders? You’ve found it! Conversio even offers sophisticated segmentation options.
    • Social Media Stream: Use this app to create a widget for your site with all your social media feeds and use it as a way to show what’s going on and encourage people to follow you.
    • Omnistar Affiliate Software - Easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-growing businesses. Create a referral program and integrate it with your website in minute

Tools that run an e-commerce empire: Download the tech stack mindmap that enables $8M annual with only 2 full-time employees

  • Privy: Love them or hate them, pop ups work. Use Privy to create pop ups for various interaction points. Craft welcome messages or exit popups. Use this app to build your list and convert!  
  • PushOwl: Create desktop notifications that remind customers about abandoned carts or let them know when something exciting is about to happen.

Sell more efficiently

Even the most enthusiastic, got-my-credit-card-ready customers need a little push sometimes. With these Shopify sales apps you can increase that conversion percentage and create a better all round experience.

  • Sales Pop: With this tool you can set up recent sales notifications that show potential customers what other people have bought. This helps build trust and credibility and creates a community style experience.
  • Mobile Converter: As shopping moves firmly into the mobile sphere, you can use a tool like Mobile Converter to add “add to cart” buttons at the top and bottom of the screen making it easy to buy on your phone.
  • Personalizer- Targeted Recommendations: One of the reasons Amazon works so well is its recommendation engine- it never fails to  offer relevant suggestions and these often end up in the shopping basket. With the Personalizer tool you can create this sort of feel to your own e-commerce store and use recommendations to drive sales.
  • Bold Subscriptions - The easiest way to add a subscription offering and manage recurring payments on Shopify. The app integrates seamlessly with Shopify's order flow. Your customers will love the ability to pause, skip, edit, and manage everything about their subscriptions too!

Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that 69% of your customers want to be rewarded for buying from you instead of the competition? Customer reward programs, exceptional service and free shipping can help you keep people coming back for more and these apps can definitely help.

  • Order Printer: Who doesn’t love a unique label? Use this app to customize and print out all the labels, invoices and paperwork you need to run your operation smoothly.
  • Free shipping bar: Everyone loves free shopping. Create a customizable bar that tells your customers how much they need to spend in order to get it. This is a great way to increase spend while increasing customer satisfaction rates at the same time.
  • Improved Contact Form: How easy it is to get in touch with you matters to customers. With this app you can customize every important element of your form to create a unique, on brand experience.
  • Aftership: Make it easy on customers to know exactly where their package is regardless of who’s delivering it. With the premium version you can even send text alerts to customers when the shipment’s arrived.
  • Smile: With smile you can manage customer reward programs and show customers just how much you value them. This is super useful for ambassador programs.

E-commerce operations and business management

When you run an ecommerce business, there are a lot of disparate pieces that need to come together for everything to work. These Shopify apps can help you add the final touches.

  • TaxJar: Sales tax, especially in the US, can be one of the more complicated business aspects to manage. With TaxJar you can get reports separated by different states, counties and cities. The reports update with sales and you can either file or autofile to easily stay on top of your taxes.
  • Google Shopping: If you sell in the US and use Google ads, you can use this app to directly create Google Adwords ads that show up in Google shopping. It’s a quick way to manage products through the same interface.
  • Facebook Store: Use it to sell products directly through your Facebook page creating a unique, collated customer experience

Get the right apps

The right tools can make running your e-commerce business so much easier and if you use Shopify then these apps can help make running the day to day much smoother.


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