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Can't Miss Ecommerce News In This Week's Review

Psyched for the weekend? We've almost made it folks, but before you put your feet up, go for a bike ride, or start reading your favorite book, check out this week's ecommerce news.

Google Takes on a New Face

In an uAlphabets fixnexpected turn of events, Google has announced that it will be restructuring later this year. To separate its money making ventures from its less profitable businesses Google is shifting all of its divisions to a newly formed holding corporation called Alphabet. For a complete breakdown of what Alphabet is and what it means for Google, check out Business Insider’s rundown.

Bigcommerce Launches into Advertising

shutterstock_281221427With social media driving more and more sales, Bigcommerce is aiming to help consumers with their advertising. They found that 40% of small to medium-sized ecommerce players want more help with paid social ads. Bigcommerce will receive a 20% service fee for automating audience targeting, bidding, and optimization. For the complete story, take a look at Venture Beat’s news.



Google’s Latest Panda is Causing Headaches

Panda 4.2 was just released by Google, but it may be doing more harm than good. In an attempt to fight web spam, Panda 4.2 is targeting sites that contain duplicate content and sites with low-value content. Unlike previous versions of the algorithm, which took 2-3 weeks to roll out, 4.2’s effects might not be felt for a couple of months. To get better acquainted with the Panda algorithm and how it might be affecting your ecommerce, check out Practical Ecommerce’s review.

Salesforce Builds out Ecommerce Presence

shutterstock_144653342Salesforce is about to roll out its next wave of cloud services. In an attempt to enhance the buying experience, they are adding buy buttons to the Salesforce Community Cloud. The hope is that customers will use the community cloud as a one-stop-shop. Consumers can sign-on, interact with the company and each other, and then make their purchase. To find out how Salesforce plans to roll this out, check out Tech Crunch’s article.

Jet Aims to be the Next Unicorn Companyshutterstock_159709241

Jet is looking to go big in its attempt to compete with industry leading giant, Amazon. Rumor has it that the ecommerce company is on the heels of kicking off a new round of investing. The goal of the Series B, raise capital at a $2 billion valuation to scale. For an in-depth review on whether or not this online business can become the next unicorn firm, check out Fortunes review.

Now To The Fun Stuff:

What We’re Watching: A Canadian airline flight attendant gives the greatest safety lesson ever and the legends of rap come to the big screen today in Straight Outta Compton

Recent Reads: Can you guess the fastest growing ecommerce market? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a big fan of thanksgiving. Amazon cut down on Prime membership sharing. I know we’re sad about this. A random person has been trolling people on Facebook pretending to be a Target customer service employee.

Friendly Reminder: Today is National Creamsicle Day! Go relive your childhood and have one.

Extra Goodies: Sesame Street is moving to HBO. Time for a Sesame Street/Game of Thrones crossover? Have an enemy? Send them an explosion of glitter!

P.S. Have an ecommerce problem you can’t seem to fix? Puzzled by what to do? Skubana loves puzzles and would be glad to help out your online business.


With one goal in mind, we aim to be a calming voice in the world of ecommerce news. Skubana’s weekly review strives to be a quality source of information for the modern ecommerce professional. Following in the footsteps of great men such as Walter Cronkite, Jon Stewart, and Will MaCvoy, Skubana will be there for you weekly, and will become the most trusted name in ecommerce for the next generation.

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