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What's the Latest E-Commerce News? - It's All Here People

The weekends here, which is awesome, but you know what else is equally awesome? Skubana has compiled the latest e-commerce news for your enjoyment. A lot of wild stuff went down this week people and we've compiled the need to know stories you....well need to know. 


What Happened with Prime Day?

Amazon celebrated their 20th anniversary this week by creating Prime Day, a day of sales claiming to be bigger than Black Friday. So what happened? 

According to Amazon - Prime Day has surpassed 2014 Black Friday numbers, but this generalized statement leaves many wondering - Did it really?

When the hashtag #PrimeDayFail begins trending worldwide it leads you to wonder just how happy consumers were with this latest e-commerce experiment. Forbes has the low down and the aftermath of the now maybe infamous maybe successful Amazon Prime Day.

E-Commerce Tech Trends You Need to See


The time to connect with your customers in a meaningful way is now. Online sellers, and marketers have more opportunities than ever to influence customers and get the results they want. How so? Through tech. 

With the use of integrated wish lists, allowing consumers to share their favorite items with friends, receipt validation, allowing customers to scan their receipt to be entered to win prizes (promoting loyalty), geolocation, allowing sellers to prompt deals and notifications based on a customers location and more. 

Now's the time to get in front of customers and with the right tech you'll get the right results. Econsultancy has the tech trends you wont want to miss.

E-Commerce Growth Doubled?


Well.....the latest numbers show that online retail sales in the UK have doubled this quarter. Still thinking its not important for your e-commerce to be fulfilling internationally? 

Between the clothing and travel sector of e-commerce the numbers are just incredible hitting a £9.3 billion spent by consumers. Mobile sales alone were up 57% compared to this time last year.

When it comes to both the global market and anything m-commerce it just can't be ignored. Netimperative has the latest numbers and the potential growth your company can be experiencing. Pay attention to these numbers. 

Groupons Expansion


Staying relevant and broadening your services is a must with all things e-commerce. Groupon is taking that to heart by expanding into the food delivery industry.

With the acquisition of OrderUp Groupon looks to better service their near 25 million customers. Going back to untapped opportunities, the food industry and the logistics behind it is ripe for the picking. Don't believe us? Here's proof. 

In the e-commerce world if you aren't taking the necessary steps to remain relevant you're drowning. TechCrunch has the latest info on this recent acquisition and you'll want to take note of the potential for growth here.

Now It's Time for All Things Awesome and Interesting: 

Fun Stuff: Who's seeing Ant-Man this weekend? Someone compiled all 380 Kramer entrances from Seinfeld in order (just watch it). Sir Patrick Stewart turned 75 - How's he celebrating? By joining Taylor Swifts squad. Lastly, Raptor Robots running hotels in Japan.

What We're Watching: Too many Dollar Shave Club commercials, Jaws (its Jaws people) and Batman vs. Superman's Newest Trailer (totally fangirling)

Recent Reads: 7 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Category Filters, Facebook Buy Button Turning Pages into E-Commerce Sites, Rural China Cultivating Taste for E-Commerce (A tale of convenient partnerships *cough* Alibaba *cough*)

July is National Hotdog Month. Try grilling these 30 Epic recipes. Enjoy.

Friendly Reminder: Skubanas awesome you're awesome let's get something going on here. When it comes to running your online business let's step it up and get results.

Work Smart. Sell More and have a Supersoaker fight this weekend.

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