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May 2020 Platform Updates - Check Out What's Now Available

Welcome to the Skubana Monthly Feature Update! Here you'll find product news, new feature updates, and information on upcoming releases to help drive success, growth, and greater efficiency using the Skubana platform.



Edit Shopify Order Line Items 

Due to popular demand, you now have the ability to manipulate and edit the line items of Shopify orders directly in Skubana, giving you full control over your orders coming from Shopify!


Key Takeaways: With this feature, you can now add and remove SKUs as well as adjust quantities. This is a great option if you have orders that include a “Gift with Purchase” or do include inserts/custom packaging!

Note: This feature is only for Shopify channels and for a full understanding of how these order edits affect communicating with the order on Shopify, please reach out to our Support Team or your Account Manager for more information.



POS Returns Webhook

Skubana now supports automatic returns capture on Shopify POS returns. Historically, Skubana required a manual RMA entry for POS store returns, but now all of your POS returns can be automatically captured with this webhook.



POS Location Capture and Orderbot ️

More POS updates! When a POS order on Shopify is placed and orders are downloaded in Skubana, we will now save the order’s location in the details of the order. With this information, you can use a new orderbot filter that scans the POS location.


Key Takeaways: This information and orderbot filter will give you the ability to route your orders to specific destinations or serve as a great workflow for "cash and carry" options. You can also utilize all of Skubana's orderbot actions with this filter.

For more information reach out to support or read about it here.


Unpack Inventory (Bundles & Kits)


Need to break down a kit or bundle to bulk up your stock of individual component SKUs? Our new Unpacking feature allows users to disassemble pre-packaged kits while preserving each component's inventory value, and ultimately COGS value!


Key Takeaways: You'll be able to select the number of kits you want to break down and the exact pick locations that the components should be returned to. This also provides more accurate inventory value and COGS reporting.

Note: This feature is in BETA. If interested, please contact our Support Team or your Account Manager to get this enabled for your account.


Custom Product Export

Introducing Custom Product Export! You now have the ability to customize the data you wish to export from the Products module in Skubana!

Key Takeaways: Much like the orders export, the custom product export will give you the option to build and format your own product export. Now you can build reports and data on the product data fields of your choice! Don't forget to save your templates so you can re-use them!


Have questions about your Skubana account? Don't hesitate to contact us at support@skubana.com, or reach out directly to your Account Manager.

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