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Does your Skubana account utilize more than one warehouse to fulfill domestic orders?

With the warehouse and orderbot settings done in a few clicks, a user can easily automate warehouse assignments based on stock in minutes, eliminating the need for manual warehouse assignments by your warehouse staff when an order can sufficiently be fulfilled from a single warehouse.

Accounts that utilize more than one warehouse for fulfillment can easily customize their preferences with which warehouse an order should ship from.

By indicating a first, second, third, etc. “backup” warehouse, a user can set up orderbots to check whether an order is fully or partially in stock or not at a default warehouse.

If it’s not, then an Apply Domestic Backup orderbot can take action, automatically changing the assigned warehouse to the next default. It will automatically run through the full list of backups from the original warehouse until either all warehouses have been exhausted, or the order is set to fulfill from a warehouse that it is in stock for.

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