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Latest E-Commerce News, Topics & Trends to Launch Your Business

Check out the latest e-commerce news, topics & trends for the week of November 1st to the 7th. Customers are buying more & more so don't miss these opportunities to grow your business.

HUGE Funding

e-commerce-news-jet-fidelity-investment looks to complete a $500 million round of capital funding with Fidelity. This funding comes at a critical time for Jets future. With Q4 upon us, and significant changes made to Jets business model funding is more essential than ever for the new sales channel. Are you selling on New York Business Journal has the latest number & news you're going to want to know.

The Amazon Business You've Never Heard Of


Did you know Amazon has a business that's estimated to be worth $160 Billion? And, it's not their sales channel. Amazon's web services is looking to bring in more than $7 billion in sales this year alone. More than a million companies are utilizing Amazon's security & servers to store their companies data for a low cost. Does your online business utilize Amazon's services? CNN Money has the insight on Amazon's unknown business.

Increasing Customer CLV w/ Tech


With the right apps & integrations you can generate a very high customer lifetime value for your e-commerce business. What online seller wouldn't want a higher ROI, an increase in sales and to obtain a loyal customer for their brand? BigCommerce has three integrations you're going to want to implement for your business NOW.

Upcoming E-Commerce Problems in 2016


Whether you're brand new to selling online, or looking to further grow your business your company may run into these roadblocks in the coming months. From staying competitive with pricing, creating compelling content to establishing customer loyalty the competition out there is steep. Don't let significant problems hinder your businesses growth. Practical Ecommerce has a great article to help identify your biggest e-commerce struggles. 


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The Real Deal: It's the weekend why are you still reading e-commerce news updates? You know what you should do instead? This. And, when you're done doing that you should signup for Skubana. We unify your entire e-commerce business on one platform without locking you into a contract. Did we mention you can try a 14-Day Free Trial? Go for it - you'll be happy you did.

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