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Latest E-Commerce News

Welcome to the first ever ‘This Week in E-Commerce’ where Skubana provides the top stories and insights for all things e-commerce for the week. What are the hot topics you ask? Read to find out!


The Cross-Border E-Commerce Race is Afoot 

The Chinese government is pushing to promote e-commerce creating a host of online retail rivals for Alibaba and Amazon. Look for massive growth in this sector as well as highly competitive pricing as the Chinese market expands. Get the latest news via Reuters

Ecommerce-Weekly-News-SalesWho Doesn’t Want to Sell More?

25 Shopify Store Owners shared their best tips to success in the e-Commerce world for new and upcoming entrepreneurs. These insightful hard-won insights are sure to put any e-commerce professional on the right track to customer satisfaction and higher sales at the end of the month.

Amazon Increases FBA Fees

ECommerce-News-Amazon-FBAFor any e-commerce owner it is critical to stay on top of Amazon’s ever changing landscape. As of February 18th the scheduled fee adjustments for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) are in effect. Traditional fees for oversized products are also going into effect as the shipping industry standards increase. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know and future scheduled changes for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Target-Free-Shipping-ECommerceTarget Has Thrown Down the Gauntlet As the E-Commerce Wars Continue

2015 is going to be another year of high competition among Amazon, Walmart and Target. Target has recently announced that it will be lowering their order size by half for consumers to get free shipping making the minimum order $25. This is a huge step for the big box store and it looks like they're done playing catchup with their competitors. For further insights check out Fortune's latest findings.

Desktop Sales Increase for ECommerceDesktop Dominates E-Commerce Sales 3 to 1

The fourth quarter numbers are in and desktop is still dominating e-commerce sales in a huge way. High cart abandonment rates from both mobile and tablets reached up to 81%. How is your e-commerce going to encourage customers to purchase on the go? Get the scoop via PYMNTS.

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