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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest News and Insights

Another week has ended in the ever constant world of e-commerce and Skubana has brought together this weeks' top stories. From's ambitious look to disrupt markets to e-commerce finally putting a dent into the healthcare industry. Stay up-to-date and keep your business in the know with these latest findings.

jet-future-growthStartup has Lofty Sales Goals continues to be quite the buzz in the e-commerce world and it hasn’t even launched yet. Recently landing a $600 million valuation has raised its own ambitions as it looks towards the future.

After presenting to Wells Fargo clients,’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Hilton expects gross merchandise on the site of around $20 billion by 2020 also expecting more than 1 million customers paying $50 a year by the end of this year. Will this new way of shopping online be the key to toppling industry goliath Amazon? Time will certainly tell. Get’s latest numbers in this grand venture straight from The Wall Street Journal.

Magento-Ecommerce-SecurityHackers Exploit Magento Vulnerability

For those of you using Magento’s platform to run your e-commerce be sure you’re utilizing their latest software. Hackers are increasingly exploiting flawed patches, which could put you at risk. This problem could allow for hackers to gain full control over a users store allowing for credit card theft, not to mention the damage it could do for your company’s business.

Get up-to-date on this latest security threat to help protect your Magento store from hackers. PC World has the essential information you need to cover all of your e-commerce bases and stay secure.

Ebay-customerservice-survey95% of E-Tailers are Meeting Customer Needs

New research released this week from eBay shows that online retailers are looking forward to strong growth and believe they can meet customer’s e-commerce demands.

Through the use of enhanced technology, cross-platform channels and new digital initiatives, retailers project a strong forecast in 2015 anticipating an average of 17% growth. Over 1,000 online sellers responded to the survey and the amount of confidence shown for the future of e-commerce was overwhelming.

Get the full details on the e-commerce survey straight from PYMNTS.

ecommerce-healthcare-industryE-Commerce Disrupting Healthcare Industry

More consumers are beginning to shop online for products that they’d typically go to a pharmacy to purchase. Roughly 36 million consumers shopped online for health and beauty products in the spring of 2014, up from 20 million consumers in spring 2010.

An in-depth report courtesy of BI Intelligence looks at why the healthcare industry has proved challenging to e-commerce companies, from consumer reluctance to complicated logistics – and what strategies e-commerce professionals are utilizing to push for more sales online.

For further insights into the reports findings and e-commerce seller’s future plans be sure to visit Business Insider.

Social-Media-ECommerceIs Mobile and Social Key E-Commerce Drivers?

It’s no secret that customer’s online shopping behaviors are in a constant state of flux. Retailers are changing up their tactics to adjust to their customers needs and stay relevant.

Technology seems to be paving the way for e-commerce growth in the form of mobile commerce sales, selling on social media, in-store technologies and the creation of loyalty programs.

How is your e-commerce looking to drive sales for the future? Multichannel Merchant has the latest trends and the strategies behind them to help keep your e-commerce thriving and in front of customers.


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