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This Week in E-Commerce – The Must Know Info You Need

Hey there e-commerce enthusiasts. Skubana has this week’s latest news you need to stay informed and up-to-date. From Catalyst 2015 coming to an end, controversy on the Alibaba sales channel, B2B sales skyrocketing and more.

Skubana-Catalyst-2015Catalyst 2015 Comes to an End

Catalyst 2015 took place this week in Las Vegas providing e-commerce sellers with the essential tools to help navigate in this ever-changing landscape.  Skubana was there firsthand attending keynote speeches, and live tweeting the event.

Our very own CEO, Chad Rubin sat down with Amazon to discuss his experiences and successes as a seller and how Amazon’s seller services have been crucial to his growth.

Shark Tanks own Robert Herjavec gave a compelling keynote speech discussing, “The Will to Win” providing a multitude of insights for sellers.

For the full details check out our daily recaps of Catalyst 2015

Alibaba-Ecommerce-ebayFurther Controversy on the Alibaba Sales Channel

This week The Wall Street Journal released a study in regards to fake transactions on the Alibaba shopping channel. The report goes into detail about “brushing”, which is the faking of orders and customer reviews by vendors to bolster their online visibility. Researchers were able to find 4,000 sellers who were able to boost their stores’ rankings 10x faster than others through this shady business practice.

Alibaba has declined to comment on these findings, but has claimed they would be, “dedicated to the fight against activities like brushing.” Sellers on the Alibaba sales channels found doing this will face serious penalties ranging from having reviews taken down and loosing the right to appear in search results. Get the latest findings straight from the Wall Street Journal.

Chanel-ECommerce-NewsChanel Entering the E-Commerce World 

Fashion retailers have been some of the slowest companies to adjust to selling their products online. High-end fashion designers such as Céline, Dior, and Chanel have been keeping their collections offline, providing for a sense of exclusivity to their customers.

Looks like the times are changing. This week Chanel’s president of fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky has told customers they can expect Chanel to launch its e-commerce business in late 2016. With fashion giant Chanel finally entering the online world of selling how long before other similar retailers are to follow? The e-commerce world is growing so quickly its no wonder even these high-end retailers are taking note of its potential for their companies. Quartz has the full details on this latest announcement.

shyp-raising-capital-tech-crunchShyp is Raising Further Capital

The world of logistics just keeps getting more and more interesting. The on-demand shipping startup ‘Shyp’ is raising $50 million dollars for expansive purposes. Shyp allows users to take a photo of an item they want to ship, and then sends someone to pick up the item and deliver it. Shype then packs the item and determines which carrier will be the cheapest. The process costs a customer $5 plus postage. Making it one of the least expensive ways to ship anything.

With this extra capital Shyp could expand to more cities – it’s currently available in Miami, New York and San Francisco. These on-demand logistic services are creating quite the buzz in the world of e-commerce and the possibilities are endless. TechCrunch has all the info you need on Shyps latest raising of capital.

ECommerce-b2b-Growth-ForresterB2B E-Commerce is Big 

We all know that B2B e-commerce is big, but according to a report from Forrester it’s about to get a whole lot bigger. They estimate that B2B e-commerce will top $1 trillion dollars by 2020 showing an annual growth of 8% every year over the next five years.

Forrester claims the driving force behind this growth is a shift in behavior on the part of buyers. An estimated 74% of B2B buyers research half of their purchases online. These latest numbers and findings from Forrester further prove the main discussion at Catalyst, e-commerce is here to stay and its growth has no limits. ZDNet has the full numbers here.

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