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This Week In E-Commerce – Big Changes That Affect Your Business

IRCE 2015 has come to an end as more than 600 companies came together to discover the best practices and newest technologies that are driving the e-commerce world. There’s been a lot of innovation this year as well as big changes and we’ve gathered the essential stories you aren’t going to want to miss.

Amazon’s Newest Shipping Program Opens Doors

Even for those of us who solely buy through Amazon there still are some products you visit your local convenience store for. Whether its toothbrushes, or sticks of deodorant sometimes its just easier and more cost effective to get in a car and pick it up yourself - until now.

Amazon just announced that it would be discarding their $35 minimum for free shipping allowing customers to receive four-to-eight-day delivery on thousands of small and light products.

What does this mean? This opens up a whole new market for potential sellers, especially third-party sellers through the help of Amazons services. Business Insider has the full story on this game-changing program.

Apple-Watch-EcommerceUtilizing the Apple Watch

When Apple announced its latest piece of technology people went crazy for it. With 2.3 million pre-orders as of June it’s clear that wearable tech is here to stay. How can you as an online seller utilize this new medium to reach customers and boost sales?

One of the secrets lies in notifications this device can offer rather than the apps themselves and the sooner you get involved the further ahead of competitors you’ll be. As of now eBay, Amazon and Target have created apps whose sole purpose is to create a further fluidity in the purchasing process for customers.

Find out how online sellers like you can seize the opportunity to reach customers in a whole new way. Entrepreneur has the story.

Amazon-Data-EcommerceTake a Plunge Into Amazons Data River

Amazon put a large focus on the importance of data at IRCE 2015. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again Data is King. Between sponsored products, product ads and sponsored links Amazon has a nearly $1 billion advertising business.

Amazon knows its customers better than even Facebook or Google and has a full understanding into the who, what, where, when and why of purchasing. Discover what further steps Amazon is taking to reach targeted customers and how you can get in on the action with AdExchanger.

Newegg-ecommerce-expansionNewegg Going Global

A lot went down at IRCE 2015 including Newegg, the tech-focused e-retailer, announcing major improvements to its channels for both sellers and buyers.

With recent advancements into the Europe and Asia market Newegg is providing their customers with a global reach that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Newegg has also announced a ‘Shipped by Newegg’ feature where the company will allow sellers to use Neweggs fulfillment centers, logistic chains and customer service to provide a better and more efficient experience for customers.

Going global and optimizing the fulfillment process are two huge steps Newegg has made to not only keep pace with competing sales-channels, but it shows that they truly understand where the world of e-commerce is going and what customers expect. Multichannel Merchant has the latest news.

Miss us at IRCE 2015?

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