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The Latest E-Commerce News for Your Online Business

Psyched for the weekend? I know we are. Before you crack open that cold beer and put your feet up you may want to check out the latest e-commerce news that could be affecting your online business. Just saying...stay ahead of the curve people.

Jet.com Finally Launches

Well it's finally here. The industry has been buzzing about all things Jet.com, and as of this week they have officially launched.  

online-business-jet-ecommerceSo what happened Day 1? Jet has recorded a product sell-thru of $1,002,000 in its first 24 hours. Boasting the ability to save customers between 10% - 15% when compared to all other online channels, including Amazon, Jet is looking to disrupt the market and become a significant presence in the e-commerce space.

Check out the top 10 things you need to know about Jet and the heated competition that's soon to follow. Forbes has your back.

Walmart is Going Global 

This week Walmart has taken over full ownership of Chinese e-commerce Yihaodian.comWhat does this mean? Well for one it goes to show that Walmart plans on taking full advantage of the booming Chinese online market.


It's not enough that Walmart is the worlds largest retailer. They need to get a firmer standing when it comes to selling online. There's just too much potential out there, and they know it.

When you have a booming global online market, and the ability to disrupt the landscape you take the opportunity 10 out of 10 times. Get the full details on Walmarts latest e-commerce venture via Reuters.

Facebook is Changing the Way You Sell

We've reported on this before, but it needs to be said again. Facebook is beta testing online stores, which will allow online business owners to not only showcase their products, but sell directly on the platform.


Do you see the amount of potential this could have on your business? Access to 1.44 billion customers. That's all we're saying. 

With the implementation of 'buy' buttons, direct messaging to customers, online sellers can create a whole new purchasing experience. Website Builder Expert has the 'how to' and latest numbers on Facebooks new online business venture.

Amazon Bigger Than Walmart? 

Its finally happened. Amazon's online sales have grown so exponentially that they've finally outgrew retail giant Walmart.


The numbers just don't lie. Amazons recent value gives them an estimated worth of $250 billion, when compared to Walmarts worth of $230 billion.

Could Prime Day have had that much of an impact? It seems to be the case. This certainly goes to show the shift in power as online selling grows more and more, while retail sales struggle to keep up. Mashable has the latest numbers in this monumental passing of the retail torch.

Things That Are Epic And Awesome: 

Fun Stuff: 2 delightful minutes of Dogs Eating Ice-Cream, 19 Photos of The Rock that prove he is the coolest guy on the planet, and when things are going rough look at this for complete satisfaction.

What We're Watching: Bond, James Bond. New Spectre trailer is out people! Some guy put himself into a huge water balloon then blew it up in slow motion. This dude fought off a Shark. (he's Australian)

Recent Reads: Amazon Dash could help dominate the future of shopping. LinkedIn ramps up as it builds lead generation. Selling Internationally? 34 tips for Cross-Border Ecommerce.

This Sunday (July 26th) is National All or Nothing Day. Go bold. Try this.

Here's the Scoop: We like solving e-commerce problems - have any? If so, let's hook up see what kind of magic happens. You may just like what we're throwing down.

Work Smart. Sell More and take a yoga class in a park this weekend. Random I know, but just do it.

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