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E-Commerce News: This Weeks Insights, Top Stories & Best Practices for Q4

From major predictions for the holiday season to the essential top e-commerce news, do your business a favor and stay up to date and competitive during Q4.

2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions

e-commerce-news-holiday-shoppingHow's your mobile & email marketing doing? Prepare to ramp it up for the holiday season! PracticalEcommerce has predicted the TOP 4 biggest influencers for boosting your sales during the busiest time of the year and you're going to want to brush up on all four of them.

So if you want in on the action, and the estimated 13.9% increase in online retail sales, the time to start preparing is NOW! Check out these best practices to greatly increase sales for the holidays.

The Pricing Race for Q4

e-commerce-news-pricing-strategyIf you're looking to really stand out in Q4, especially when it comes to pricing, then you're going to want to consider these 3 Ways to out strategize competitors including new innovative shopping methods like Jet.com.

From selling appealing products, having outstanding customer service and creating a brand customers can trust you can make a huge impact this holiday season. BigCommerce has the strategies you need to make your e-commerce business stand out.


THIS is How You Drive Traffic to Your Site

e-commerce-news-increase-trafficIf you're tired of seeing other products rank higher than your products, it's time to change up your SEO game. Lucky for you, the Shopify SEO experts at Whole Design Studios can help get your product ranking and get ahead of customers.

Utilizing the right keywords, obtaining informative reviews & sponsoring related forums are just the start. These in-depth insights will have relevant traffic being pushed to your site and just in time for the holidays. Better to do it now before it's too late.

Retaining Customers Through Automation

e-commerce-news-customer-retentionPersonalization and automation go a long way when it comes to encouraging customer retention. From recommending related products, tailoring messages based on demographic and previous purchases online sellers can create a personal experience that leaves a lasting impression.

CMS Critic has their Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools to help retain customers and do it with as little effort as possible. The time for automating your e-commerce business is NOW.



Funny Stuff: Fan of The Office? The cast got back together for some TBT photos that are incredible! Ever see the movie BeetleJuice? Did you go to college? Then this is for you. The top 15 funniest fictional bands of all time.

What to Watch: Kenan & Kel reunite for a Good Burger Skit w/ Jimmy Fallon! This cat shuts this dog up. It's sad, but kind of funny. 1 guy, 90 instruments.

Recent Reads: 8 Yogi-isms for the E-Commerce World, RIP Yogi Berra. A true legend. Increasing E-Commerce Sales Using Quizzes as a Personalization Tool. Turn Social Traffic Into Sales with Adwords Remarketing.

Dropping Some Knowledge: You better be enjoying your weekend and not working. Wait, you are? Well if you utilized Skubana's automated features such as inventory allocation rules, our orderbot if/then statements and real time synchronization of your sale-channels you'd be laying on a beach somewhere with a cold drink in your hand watching the profits roll in. Make the right decision and enjoy your weekends.

Work Smart. Sell More.

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