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Need to Know E-Commerce News Before Your Weekend

Welcome to Skubana's Weekly Need to Know E-Commerce News update. We've compiled THE top stories from around the web for your convenience. Stay informed.

e-commerce-news-drone-issuesDrone Delivery Obstacles 

Robots are cool and so is fast delivery. If you haven't heard all the buzz about retailers looking to utilize drones for fulfillment purposes then you may have been living under a rock. If so, that's cool we don't judge. Good on ya. 

Practical Ecommerce recently released eight obstacles hindering drone delivery services. It may not be as straightforward and convenient as we all thought. From order staging, weight limitations to weather restrictions and more. See what kind of potential this could have for your business down the line.

Are You Ready for the 2015 Holiday Season?


I know it's only September don't bite my head off just yet. E-commerce companies need to be prepared way ahead of time if they're going to have everything in order to outsell and out perform competitors.

This also means your marketing has to be on point. Customers rarely wait till the absolute last minute to do their shopping (I do), but most people don't. Stay on top of your content, brand exposure, inventory and more. Bigcommerce has a holiday campaign calendar you are going to want to utilize.

Amazon Prime Changing? 

top-e-commerce-news-amazon-primeAmazon recently announced a new shipping method it is currently testing with a limited amount of sellers. 'Ship by Region' allows sellers to dictate how far an item will ship using Prime two day shipping.

What does this mean for shoppers? Certain Prime eligible items will only be available based on where you live, and where the seller is located. The hope is to entice sellers to provide more items on the Amazon channel that would ship for free, and cut down on costs by shopping closer to home. (Jet.com anyone?) CMS Wire has the latest info for Amazon's Ship By Region program.

#JetSpree Campaign


Looking to further standout Jet.com broke down the wall between customers and sellers by creating real-time videos celebrating what customers had in their shopping carts. The videos were created, edited and sent to customers sometimes in a matter of minutes after their purchase.

This is certainly an innovative strategy when it comes to separating yourself from the competition. But, did this marketing campaign get the job done? Digiday has the info you need as well as Jet's variety of personalized videos to check out.

THE Top Global E-Commerce Markets

top-e-commerce-news-global-market-trendsDo you know what the top 3 global markets are when it comes to online shopping? China, U.S., and the U.K. The important thing to realize when it comes to the global market is that consumers are vastly different when it comes to when they purchase and how they purchase.

What may work in the U.S. market isn't necessarily the best practice in a market such as Germany, which is ranked #5 in the global market and spends over $74 billion on e-commerce yearly. Discover the top global e-commerce market trends with SocialTimes awesome infographic.

Things That Are Awesome 

Funny: What position in Quidditch would you play? Find out with this. Psyched for the 2015 Football Season? And this weeks funniest parenting tweets. These are amazing.

What We're Watching: Have you seen Ellen Degeneres's Lip Sync Battle? Gorillas looking at gorillas and finally Stephen Colbert's FIRST opening monologue as the Late Show's new host.

Recent Reads: 10 Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Site More Interactive. BigCommerce released their Top 5 e-commerce apps to streamline your sales this holiday season. Will Robots Take Over E-Commerce Warehouses?

The Low-Down: Skubana's all about automating and optimizing your business. Whether its syncing all your sales channels and inventory, providing detailed analytics into your business, or just being an overall sexy looking software. We got you covered.

Work Smart. Sell More and check out what the cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air would look like if it took place in 2015. You're welcome.

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