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Release Notes - January 2017

Temperatures are dropping, but we’re bringing the heat!

The holiday season has ended, it's time to start analyzing your inventory. Learn your SKU by SKU profitability to make actionable business decisions, liquidate dead inventory, and grow your revenue.

 Inventory Channel History

See historical logs of the last time inventory was pushed to your sales channels with a breakdown of the exact date, time, and quantity.



 Bulk Import Artificial Tracking

Push artificial arbitrary tracking to the sales channel for selected orders directly through the UI, no spreadsheets necessary. Select orders, press edit, mark 'shipped,' and then add arbitrary tracking information under artificial tracking.

skubana bulk import tracking

 Add Manual Order Line Items from CSV

When creating a manual order, add product line items by pasting from a CSV. Press paste from CSV, bulk input items from a CSV file, and press add to order.


 Export Purchase Orders

Export selected purchase orders into a CSV, excel, or plain text format and have it emailed to the user.


 Automated Backup Warehouse Fulfillment

Create an orderbot to automate a backup warehouse for order fulfillment. Select the filter for "Available Stock For Order" and "is out of stock," then select the action to set warehouse for your backup warehouse.


 Manual Order Inventory Breakdown

When creating a manual order, after adding the product hover over the available inventory column to see a full breakdown on a per warehouse basis.


And with that, we hope these latest developments will help you jump start your 2017 to success!  You may reach us at for more information and as always, let us know your thoughts and comment down below!  See you out there sellers!

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