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The Lowdown on the Latest Ecommerce News is Here

Psyched for the weekend? It's almost here people, but before you put your feet up, play a round of golf, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix check out the latest ecommerce news.

Missing out on these updates could be costing your business money. Just sayin.

Instagram’s Billion-Dollar Niche


Instagram's cool right? You post a selfie, a pic of the Thai food you had for dinner and move on with your day. Turns out Instagram is generating some serious value in their mobile ad campaigns - $2.81 billion by 2017 to be more precise. Potentially surpassing both Google, and Twitter.

What does this mean for online sellers? Get involved NOW! A massive amount of products and advertisers are going to be taking advantage of this huge opportunity over the next few months.

Could your business use a little boost in exposure and profit? The answer is always yes. Marketing Land has the latest for all things Instagram and e-commerce.

Amazon Brick and Mortar?


Amazon is looking to get further involved in the Grocery market. (Told you so) Expanding into an 11,600 sq. ft space in Silicon Valley, Amazon will be operating a drive-thru grocery store. Interesting....

As always with Amazon the concept is to provide the best level of service as fast as possible. Their brick and mortar efforts look to be no different. Fulfilling quickly and efficiently is the name of the game and no one does this better than Amazon.

Expect big things from this latest venture and a lot of growth in its future. The grocery market is becoming hotter than ever for online sellers so take note. Econsultancy has the full story.

A Launchpad for Startups


Amazon has just partnered up Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Indiegogo in setting up a channel solely dedicated to new online sellers looking to get in front of customers in the best way possible.

Sellers will get their own product page where they can take pre-orders, upload videos about their company, and sell directly to customers, while utilizing Amazons supply chain.

Skubana's all about disrupting the market and this new initiative will help give way to a lot of startups looking to stake their claim in the world of online selling. Venturebeat has the full breakdown of Launchpad and the incredible potential behind it. 

Jet vs. Amazon Pricing


Jet.com is actually off to a decent start since their launch last week. Boasting on average a 9% lower price than Amazon, causing shoppers to take note of the new sales-channel.

Where Jet seems to be struggling is the fact that they’re in a stage of infancy. Currently Jet has around 10 million products available for customers, while Amazon shoppers can purchase 100s of millions of different products.

The other area in which Jet seems to be lacking is all around logistics. Amazon Prime members are used to receiving products within 2 days, where many larger Jet orders can take 2 to 5 days. CPCStrategy has the full breakdown on Jets e-commerce battle.

All Things Awesome That Isn't E-Commerce News:

Fun Stuff: The Lego Documentary (rather Brickumentary) looks amazing, your inner child will be jumping for joy. This is how you make it rain minus the mess.

What We’re Watching: Action excitement and Tom Cruise running. Mission Impossible 5 comes out this weekend! Here’s a baby elephant playing with birds. Ever here of a show called Luther? Idris Elba plays a hardened English Detective, and it’s streaming through Netflix.

Recent Reads: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce: which ecommerce platform works for you? Monitoring the Sales Metrics that Matter Most. Little-known Social Media Features that Boost Engagement.

Did you know the first week in August is National Simplify Your Life Week?

What better way to do this than by getting rid of disjointed solutions and using one unified platform to run your entire e-commerce? Yeah, this is a shameless plug so what? Skubana rocks.

Work Smart. Sell More and take a few moments this week to chug a milkshake - unless of course you’re lactose intolerant. Then our bad, that sucks. Hang in there.

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