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Top E-Commerce News Stories You Won't Want to Miss

Big things are happening in the world of online selling as always and Skubana has this weeks top e-commerce news stories. From Apple Pay's global expansion, Walmart taking a different approach to online growth, Facebook creating an e-commerce ecosystem and more. Don't let you or your business be out of the loop.

e-commerce-news-Facebook-Shopify-Buy-Button-NewsBig News for Online Sellers from Facebook

This week it was announced that Facebook has collaborated with Shopify to begin testing a 'Buy' button for e-commerce owners to sell directly on the social media platform.

This is a huge move for Facebook as it looks to create an e-commerce ecosystem that hopes to speedup checkout times, overall traffic, and boost profits, while keeping users on their network for both their social and purchasing needs.

This program is still in beta, but will prove to be a major game changer for the world of e-commerce. Facebook is expanding into the e-commerce market and social media itself is serving as a powerful tool for sellers to get in front of customers. Bidness Etc has all the info you need.

E-commerce-news-Apple-Pay-ExpansionApple Pay Showing Huge Growth

Currently an exclusive feature for the iPhone 6, and Apple Watch - Apple Pay allows for secure and easy payments by simply holding your device up to a terminal.

This week Apple has announced they will be surpassing over one million locations that utilize Apple Pay, expanding into the UK market, working hands on with Square to offer this service to small businesses and launching buyable pins with Pinterest.

In today's e-commerce world its all about providing convenience and making the purchasing process as simple as possible. Apple Pay's expansion goes to show its on the right track and that businesses are seeing an increase in conversions with this easy check out method. Full details at Business Insider.

e-commerce-news-walmart-online-expansionWal-Mart vs. Amazon - A Battle of Fulfillment

Another bit of e-commerce news this week Walmart announced it will be taking a much different approach to online growth when compared to Amazon, by utilizing their large network of stores as distribution centers for customers.

With subpar quarterly earnings the importance of growing Walmarts online market is greater than ever, especially with online revenue growing 17% globally. This year alone the big chain store will invest $1.5 billion into e-commerce, and use their 4500 stores nationwide as the difference maker to fulfill orders quickly.

Get the latest news on Wal-Marts online expansion with Entrepreneur.

e-commerce-news-Ubers-Expansion-ChinaUber's Global Expansion

Uber has recently raised $1 billion to further expand into 50 cities in China. With nearly one million trips per day across China Uber has shown tremendous growth in the region. With this expansion Uber looks to create 100,000 new jobs and further improve their already 100% monthly growth since the beginning of 2015.

China is by far the number one market for expansion for the ride sharing industry and like any e-commerce niche the global market is a key factor to tap into in order to promote future growth.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, the importance of fulfillment and logistics weighs heavy on the success of any business and when you put yourself out there and broaden your channels you get in front of the right customers and see results like this. Get the latest on Uber's expansion into China from TechCrunch.

P.S. If you are struggling with managing your multi-marketplace e-commerce presence, here’s help.

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