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The Top E-Commerce News Stories - Big Changes Are Here

As always we here at Skubana have your back when it comes to keeping you up-to-date on all things e-commerce. We've compiled the top e-commerce news stories you won't want to miss. Big things are happening and its crucial to stay informed and in the know. From Amazon making some serious changes that could affect your profits, Alibaba switching gears, and the emergence of another untapped market we have it here.

Top-E-Commerce-News-AmazonYour Amazon Profits May Take a Hit

After many months Amazon has finally announced that it will be suppressing sellers listing titles. Any title with 200 characters or more will not be showing up in search results.

This is all starting July 15th as Amazon's ideal title length will range from 50 to 100 characters total. Amazon is all about providing a great shopping experience, and with their amount of pull when it comes to e-commerce sellers its best to adhere to these changes.

FIX YOUR TITLES, otherwise you WILL be missing out on sales. SellerLabs has the info you need to keep your business ahead of the change.

top-e-commerce-news-stories-untapped-marketUntapped E-Commerce Marketplaces 

Openbay is an online marketplace focusing on auto repair services and in recent news have teamed up with AutoZone allowing consumers in the Boston-area to shop and book auto repair and services through local professionals.

This new partnership will allow customers to input the services required and receive competitive offers, business ratings and reviews. This goes to show the importance of convenience when appealing to consumers in the online world. Sellers must step up their game across the board.

Another thing to note with this new partnership is online selling can transcend and cross over to so many different services/industries, there is no limit to the potential to sell online. Opportunity can be found anywhere if you look hard enough. Internet Retailer has the latest in this new service experience and new market.

top-e-commerce-news-alibaba-internationalAlibaba Switches Gears in U.S. Market

Big news this week as Alibaba looks to sell its U.S. online shopping site 11 Main. While attempting to make some headway in the U.S. e-commerce market rivals such as Amazon, and eBay have proved to be difficult competitors to overcome.

11 Main will be sold to OpenSky, another online marketplace based in the New York area. Alibaba holds 80% of China's online market, but it has proven difficult to expand globally.

Directly selling to consumers in international markets may not be the answer to their growth, but rather strategic partnerships and investments through various markets and sales-channels.

Get the latest in this big market change straight from The Wall Street Journal.

top-e-commerce-news-stories-secruity-magentoMagento Security Risks You Need to Know

Magento, eBay's widely used e-commerce platform may be at risk from cyber attackers through the use of a few simple lines of code.

Your customers, and your business may be at risk as these attacks steal crucial data putting your reputation on the line and as an online seller your reputation is your life force.

Don't miss this latest security news from PCWorld and be sure to protect yourself and your business. No sense in losing profits and the trust of your customers if it can be helped.


P.S. If you are struggling with managing your multi-marketplace e-commerce presence, here’s help.

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