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The Top Ecommerce News & Trends You Just Can't Miss

It's always a busy week in the online world and we've compiled the top ecommerce news stories for your viewing pleasure.

You're not going to want to miss out on these topics. They could very well impact your business

What's the Deal with Prime Day? 

July 15th is Amazon Prime Day. Being billed as this summers Black Friday, Prime Day will be open exclusively to Amazon Prime members where deals will be popping up on Amazon's site every 10 minutes for 24 hours.


This huge announcement correlates with new competitor Jet.com, a members-only marketplace boasting additional savings through membership, which is currently still in beta.

Could Prime Day be Amazon's answer to snuffing out the competition before they gain traction? For more in-depth coverage on Prime Day check out Time Money.

Microsoft's Mobile Strategy

7,800 Microsoft employees will be laid off as the company looks to refine their mobile division. This major restructuring is looking to cost between $750 to $850 million.

ecommerce-news-microsoft-mobile-strategyThis goes to show how serious companies are when it comes to mobile. Just last week for the first time ever mobile traffic outperformed desktop and companies are taking note.

Whether you're an online seller, or a consumer mobile is big and its just getting bigger. Having the right device, tech and strategy is key towards your success, and the same can be said for Microsofts mobile future. Get the latest on Microsofts mobile initiative and how it can influence your business with E-Commerce Times.

The #1 Factor Influencing Customers Buying Decisions Is....

A recent study came out this week revealing that Social Media's influence on shoppers buying decisions was greater than retail websites.


Having a strong social media presence in the e-commerce landscape is a must. Not only do customers come to expect it, but it's a great way to promote your brand and build relationships.

The right message can have a major impact on a customers future purchasing decisions and Internet Retailer has the numbers to prove the impact of social media's influence for e-commerce sales.

What Happened to the Apple Watch? 

The latest numbers are in and the Apple Watch....isn't as impressive as we all may have thought. Since releasing in April sales numbers have somewhat dropped as popularity has dwindled for the company's latest gadget.


This week Apple announced a total of 3.5% decrease in stock, which makes you wonder just how bad over sales have been. This new device is certainly different from your average mobile experience, and as more consumers utilize their tablets and phones for their shopping needs just where does the Apple Watch come into play?

Get the latest info on Apple's latest attempt at disrupting the mobile market straight from Mashable.

Brick-and-Mortar's May Be Stealing Your Business

Online sellers you're going to want to read this. We all know e-commerce is growing at an incredible rate, but Brick-and-Mortar stores are certainly not going to sit by as you reap the rewards.


Business 2 Community has released 5 strategies that Brick-and-Mortars can implement to start tipping the scales in their favor. They certainly have a lot of options when it comes to retention and driving customers to stores to complete their purchases. Two of the big factors are price, and providing a seamless purchasing experience.

We highly recommend checking out these strategies and considering your options for providing a better online experience for customers. You don't want someone taking money out of your pocket do you? Stay informed and take precautions for your online business.

Enough with the E-commerce News Let's Talk Interesting and Random Things:

Fun Stuff: The Minions Have Arrived, San Diego Comic Con is a Go, Krispy Kreme Picnic? and Random Bill Murray Quotes for your pleasure.

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July is National Anti-Boredom Month so get out there and have some fun. Try this 

Friendly Reminder: We rock here at Skubana.....well at least we think so. For all your online business needs look no further. We got your back people. Thanks for reading our e-commerce news topics.

Work Smart. Sell More and have a rockin' weekend!


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