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We Have This Weeks Must Read E-Commerce News

Psyched for the weekend? We certainly are. Before you kick-back, relax, and take in some sun you need to check out Skubana's weekly e-commerce news review. We've compiled all the latest and greatest information to keep you up-to-date on what's going down.

J.C. Penny Continues its Uphill Climb

After years of neglect and decreasing sales, J.C. Penny is continuing to show its resilience. Once a powerhouse in the retail world, J.C. Penny has justshutterstock_204238201 made its latest push to climb out of its recent woes. Michael Amend, Home Depot’s former VP of Online, Mobile and Omnichannel, and Mike Robbins, Target's former SVP of Global Supply Chain, were hired this week to take-on similar roles.

So what does this mean? J.C. Penny is looking to staff up and make a serious play for e-commerce business. Only time can tell whether or not these new hires can help save the business from another slide.  Get the full details on J.C. Penny's latest hires here via PYMNTS.

Jet.com Looks to Help You Shop Smarter

It finally happened. Someone is looking to be a serious competitor of Amazon. Though only in its infancy, Jet.com believes they can give the e-commerce goliath a run for its money. By only making money on its subscription fee and not making any profit on the goods on its site, Jet believes they can undercut most competitors pricing.

E-Commerce-News-Jet-Savings From the consumer standpoint, Jet's secret sauce comes via its shopping cart. The more things you fit into your cart that come from one distribution center the more you will save. For extreme bargain hunters this will make shopping a sport, but for those who don't want to plan out their shopping needs all at once Jet won't be as useful.

Forbes has the 'how to' and best practices on how to make the most of Jet's smart cart.

USPS Succumbs to the Will of Amazon

Simply put, Amazon is a force in the world of e-commerce and shipping. As such, they have been able to shift the way that the USPS does business. They've recently increased their delivery hours and days, even expanding to Sunday deliveries.shutterstock_255304414

By doing 40% of Amazon's deliveries, the USPS didn't exactly have much choice on whether or not to comply with Amazon's wishes. To cut down on their dependence on Amazon business, the USPS is looking to diversify who they are working with.

Already set up to do same-day and long-distance deliveries, the USPS is in good position to take on further companies shipping needs. Check out all of the USPS plans for shipping in the future right here via RetailDIVE.

Which Social Media Channel is King of Sales Conversions?

We've stressed this before, but it's too important not to keep talking about. Social media is helping drive conversions and if your company doesn't have a social media presence you're seriously missing out.

shutterstock_186292982First and foremost, your company needs a Facebook and you need to be active on it. Why? Because that's where consumers are spending their time. A recent study shows that 64% of conversions are coming from Facebook. In contrast, only 5% of conversations come from Pinterest.

In this day and age there is no excuse not to be utilizing these tools. Marketers and e-commerce sellers alike have no choice, but to connect with consumers in the way they want to be reached. If you don't, you'll be missing out on countless sales and your target consumers will just go elsewhere. You don't really want that, do you? 

Marketing Land has all the latest insights into the increase in sales conversions of social media.

Now to the Nitty-Gritty 

Fun Stuff: The amazing Mets continue their unbelievable success (True Mets fans know it will end soon). Spider-Man swung into action to save the citizens of Times Square from an annoying heckler (Trust us, this is a must see video).

What We're Watching: The inventor of eugoogly is back. The trailer for Zoolander 2 (or 2oolander) dropped this week. Comedy Central and America said goodbye to a legend. #jonvoyage to The Daily Show host. Lastly, 1000+ musicians got together to honor The Foo Fighters. Learn to Fly. This is nothing short of incredible.

Recent Reads: Instagram has officially launched its new advertising API. Genius Hub is looking to compete with Reddit's AMA. Apple Music has reached more than 11 million people in its subscription service.

Friendly Reminder: Today is International Beer Day. Why not test your knowledge with this beer logo quiz?

P.S. Skubana loves to engage with our readers. We like to talk shop, sports, movies, and just about anything else that is cool.

P.P.S. We really love to talk shop. When it comes to running your business and solving your e-commerce problems Skubana has your back. Help us help you.

Work Smart. Sell More and go join a bowling league with some friends (enjoy the comb-over). Thanks for checking out our e-commerce news review.

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