Latest E-Commerce News, Topics & Trends to Launch Your Business

Check out the latest e-commerce news, topics & trends for the week of November 1st to the 7th. Customers are buying more & more so don’t miss these opportunities to grow your business.

HUGE Funding

e-commerce-news-jet-fidelity-investment looks to complete a $500 […]

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E-Commerce News Stories & Trends to Promote Growth for Your Business

Check out the top e-commerce news stories & trends for the week of October 25th to the 31st. You’ll be glad you did.

How Do You Retain Customers? 

e-commerce-news-google-adwordsA lot of sellers utilize Google Adwords to drive revenue for their business. If you are not then….good […]

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Need to Know Top E-Commerce News & Insights – Work Smart. Sell More.

Here are the top e-commerce news stories & insights for the week of October 18th to the 24th. Enjoy.

What Holidays KPIs Are You Tracking?


What do you need for a successful holiday season? You need to get people onto your site, get them to […]

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Latest E-Commerce News & Trends to Inspire Your Business to Success

The latest e-commerce news? We’ve got you covered as always. Here is the essential e-commerce insights & updates you need for the week of October 11th to the 17th. Enjoy.

Startup Geeks Weigh In On Jet


We all know has […]

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Top E-Commerce News: Stay Informed & Grow Your Business with These Insights

Another week has passed which means we’re another week closer to the holiday season and the absolute awesome chaos that will ensue for online sellers. Are you as excited as we are? Well you should be this means more opportunities and more profits for your e-commerce businesses.

Here are this […]

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E-Commerce News: Insights & Top Stories to Inspire Your Q4

Psyched for the weekend? You better be its the weekend – don’t tell me you get psyched for Monday? Amateurs. Before you party until you can’t feel your face get this weeks top e-commerce news stories and insights. Wouldn’t want to start Monday morning already behind, would you?

Q4 Shopping Deadlines

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E-Commerce News: This Weeks Insights, Top Stories & Best Practices for Q4

From major predictions for the holiday season to the essential top e-commerce news, do your business a favor and stay up to date and competitive during Q4.

2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions

e-commerce-news-holiday-shoppingHow’s your mobile & email marketing doing? Prepare to ramp it up for the holiday […]

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Top E-Commerce News & All Things Awesome

Its that time of the week again. Time to stare at the clock impatiently as that 5 o’clock hour shows its beautiful face. Who are we kidding? – we work in e-commerce there is no 9 to 5. There’s only ambition, results and being incredibly driven. Since you have so much drive you […]

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Need to Know E-Commerce News Before Your Weekend

Welcome to Skubana’s Weekly Need to Know E-Commerce News update. We’ve compiled THE top stories from around the web for your convenience. Stay informed.

e-commerce-news-drone-issuesDrone Delivery Obstacles 

Robots are cool and so is fast delivery. If you haven’t heard all the buzz about […]

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E-Commerce News You Just Can’t Miss

Psyched for the weekend? Before you run off to see  Zac Brown Band (we’re actually doing this, don’t judge us) or go see the Jets play the Falcons (we’re doing this also, be jealous), check out this week’s e-commerce news.

Twitter Expands its Ad Program […]

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The Lowdown on the Latest Ecommerce News is Here

Psyched for the weekend? It’s almost here people, but before you put your feet up, play a round of golf, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix check out the latest ecommerce news.

Missing out on these updates could be costing your business money. Just sayin.

Instagram’s Billion-Dollar Niche

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The Latest E-Commerce News for Your Online Business

Psyched for the weekend? I know we are. Before you crack open that cold beer and put your feet up you may want to check out the latest e-commerce news that could be affecting your online business. Just saying…stay ahead of the curve people. Finally Launches

Well it’s finally here. The […]

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What’s the Latest E-Commerce News? – It’s All Here People

The weekends here, which is awesome, but you know what else is equally awesome? Skubana has compiled the latest e-commerce news for your enjoyment. A lot of wild stuff went down this week people and we’ve compiled the need to know stories you….well need to know. 

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The Top Ecommerce News & Trends You Just Can’t Miss

It’s always a busy week in the online world and we’ve compiled the top ecommerce news stories for your viewing pleasure.

You’re not going to want to miss out on these topics. They could very well impact your business

What’s the Deal with Prime Day? 

July 15th is Amazon Prime Day. Being […]

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Top E-Commerce News Stories and Other Random Things

From Google running pricing experiments, an Amazon insider revealing pricing strategies, huge numbers from the international market, mobile traffic surpassing desktop and the newest sales channel.

A lot has happened this week and we’ve compiled the top e-commerce news stories for you.

e-commerce-news-google-pricingGoogle’s Latest Venture

Any […]

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The Top E-Commerce News Stories – Big Changes Are Here

As always we here at Skubana have your back when it comes to keeping you up-to-date on all things e-commerce. We’ve compiled the top e-commerce news stories you won’t want to miss. Big things are happening and its crucial to stay informed and in the know. From Amazon […]

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Top E-Commerce News Stories You Won’t Want to Miss

Big things are happening in the world of online selling as always and Skubana has this weeks top e-commerce news stories. From Apple Pay’s global expansion, Walmart taking a different approach to online growth, Facebook creating an e-commerce ecosystem and more. Don’t let you or your business be out of the loop.

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This Week In E-Commerce – Big Changes That Affect Your Business

IRCE 2015 has come to an end as more than 600 companies came together to discover the best practices and newest technologies that are driving the e-commerce world. There’s been a lot of innovation this year as well as big changes and we’ve gathered the essential stories you aren’t going […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest Industry Insights

We’ve got this weeks top e-commerce stories. From Amazon’s game changing announcement, untapped international markets, broadening your services to stay relevant and more.

Indian-Ecommerce-Market-GrowthIndian Market is Reaching a Boiling Point

Global markets are on the rise across the board and India has shown 34% […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Top News Stories you Won’t Want to Miss

We here at Skubana have gathered this weeks top stories for all things e-commerce. From the latest insights on Googles famous buy button, Shopify officially going public, Amazon taking their logistics game up a notch and eBay’s newest loyalty program. Stay in the know.

The Google Buy Button is Almost Here 

One […]

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Why Your E-Commerce Needs to be Selling on Amazon Now

This year IRCE 2015 is starting off its pre-show with the segment ‘Amazon & Me’, where sellers will learn to leverage Amazon offers and utilize best practices. Skubana will be there firsthand providing 1-on-1 consultations with the former business head of James Thomson. […]

This Week in E-Commerce – Latest Industry Trends and Insights from Skubana


Here at Skubana we’ve compiled this weeks top stories in the world of e-commerce. Stay up-to-date and in the know with the latest trends with stories from ridesharing startup Lyft, the importance of social media on young entrepreneurs, the growth of […]

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This Week in E-Commerce: Industry Insights You Won’t Want to Miss

In Skubana’s latest ‘This Week in E-commerce’ we cover big industry topics including Alibaba’s secret investment in popular startup, Amazon’s new marketplace, UPS’s quarterly profits and more. Stay up-to-date with these top stories.


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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest News and Insights

Another week has ended in the ever constant world of e-commerce and Skubana has brought together this weeks’ top stories. From’s ambitious look to disrupt markets to e-commerce finally putting a dent into the healthcare industry. Stay up-to-date and keep your business in […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Industry Top Stories from Skubana

We here at Skubana have compiled this weeks’ top stories regarding all things e-commerce. From Etsy completing its IPO, to innovations in logistics from the Indian market. Stay up-to-date with these industry insights.

Etsy IPO InformationEtsy Completes […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the latest stories from Skubana

Skubana has this weeks’ latest news stories in the world of e-commerce. From the Indian market changing up policies due to rampant returns, Apple making their new Apple watch available for preorder, merchants transitioning from eBay to Amazon and more. Stay up-to-date with the following […]

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Join Skubana at SCOE in Philadelphia – May 6-8, 2015

SCOE is easily one of the most useful conferences I attend each year. If you sell on Amazon, SCOE is a “can’t miss” event. Every year I learn something that puts money in my pocket.” ~ Skip McGrath, Publisher The Online Sellers News.

Why attend?

  • Increase sales » 75% of past SCOE […]
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This Week in E-Commerce – The Must Know Info You Need

Hey there e-commerce enthusiasts. Skubana has this week’s latest news you need to stay informed and up-to-date. From Catalyst 2015 coming to an end, controversy on the Alibaba sales channel, B2B sales skyrocketing and more.

Skubana-Catalyst-2015Catalyst […]

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Skubana Events To Launch You Into Spring

Skubana-Ecommerce-EventsSpring is here and Skubana is excited to hit the road and meet other sellers during our Spring Events Roadshow.

We love perfecting e-commerce operations management in the cloud, but we find that old-school networking of meeting face-to-face is invaluable when it […]

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Catalyst 2015 – Skubana’s Day 1 Quick Recap


Catalyst 2015 is providing e-commerce sellers with the necessary strategies to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Skubana is happy to announce that we’re there firsthand getting the latest insights from some of […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Latest Trends and Insights from Skubana

Another week has come to pass in the world of e-commerce and Skubana has the top news stories you need. Stay up-to-date on the latest topics from the next big global market to emerge to Facebook getting heavily involved in the e-commerce world.

Facebook-Message-App-EcommerceFacebook […]

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An Open Letter to All Shipworks/Endicia Customers

Shipworks-Endicia-SolutionsDear Shipworks/Endicia Customer:

You may have received an email from Shipworks informing you that they will no longer support your USPS shipping needs if you have an Endicia account beginning April 1.

With only 10 days left you’re probably thinking:

“What am I […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest Info You Need

Skubana has this week’s latest e-commerce news and insights. Stay up to date with stories from Amazon shutting down their Webstore offering, new competition for Apples smartwatch and how retailers are battling back through the use of membership programs. 

Amazon-Closing-Ecommerce-storesAmazon […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Top News Stories You Need from Skubana

We here at Skubana have this weeks latest insights and stories to all things e-commerce. Stay up-to-date on the industries biggest influencers and find out the best practices for gaining exposure to your business.

amazon-alibaba-marketplace-ecommerceAmazon Sets Up Shop on Alibaba has […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Insights and Top News Stories from Skubana

Welcome to the first ever ‘This Week in E-Commerce’ where Skubana provides the top stories and insights for all things e-commerce for the week. What are the hot topics you ask? Read to find out!

Chinese-ECommerce-Market-AlibabaThe Cross-Border […]

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