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Historical Orders Export

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Continuing with the theme of data accessibility, we have enabled the ability to export your Order records with no file size limitation. Our Historical Order Export will allow you to pull an unlimited amount of data into one singular file.

Historical Order Export

Key Takeaways: Any time you need to access data into over 5,000 rows (which is the current export limit in the Orders module), use the Historical Order Export feature in the Analytics module.

This feature is a CSV data export tool meant for large exports of historical data. Historical data exports differ from grid exports (i.e. Orders module exports) which are customizable exports for live data in Skubana. Order data retrieved via the Historical Order Export can be delayed for up to 24 hours, meaning that recent edits to orders will not be accounted for in your Historical Order Export filters and downloaded report.

Take a moment to read about it here!

NOTE: This feature is in beta, if you wish for it to be enabled contact your Account Manager or / live chat.

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