How Warehouse Logistics Operate in Today’s World

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Evolving consumer behavior and technological advances have brought radical changes to warehouse operations and supply chains in the past decade. The rise of e-commerce has disrupted not only shopping experiences but static supply chains as well.

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How to Optimize Your Warehouse Footprint

distribution warehouse footprint

For any ecommerce merchant, establishing a strategic warehouse footprint is a vital component of an overall business strategy. Getting this wrong means extraneous expenditures, unproductive employees, and shipping delays. These all reduce the credibility of your operation in […]

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Five Warehouse Optimization Tips to Improve Your Fulfillment


Standing in a warehouse full of your products is intimidating. Endless rows of products and bundles intended for your future customers.

But do you have enough inventory for those customers? Is your warehouse optimized to get orders to them […]

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Five Ways To Improve Your Packing Slip Template

More than just a simple piece of paper, packing slips can play a crucial role in your branding, logistics, and the growing popularity that is the product unboxing experience. Here’s how to capitalize on a vital but often underutilized extension of your brand.

Make customizing your packing slip templates easier […]

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Having Issues with Same-Day Deliveries? Here’s How to Evaluate and Improve Your Supply Chain

When Amazon launched its Prime service back in 2005, it had unknowingly started a new trend in the world of online shopping — convenience. 

Whereas previously customers were at the mercy of retailers to ship products, Amazon raised the bar by guaranteeing two-day delivery to all Amazon […]

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Finding the Perfect Fulfillment Partner – The Detailed 3PL Warehouse Directory You Need

Editors Note: The following article was updated in December 2019 to add more information and include additional 3PLs.


When we asked founders and CEOs what the most significant operational change was that they needed to make to double their revenue, more than […]

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Outsourcing Fulfillment: What to Look for When Selecting a 3PL Warehouse Partner

Fulfillment is one of the most critical parts of a business for any online brand, but it is also one of the most complicated. To avoid rising shipping costs, shipping inefficiencies, and compliance issues, many brands opt to outsource their fulfillment to third-party logistics warehouses (3PLs). Here’s how to identify […]

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How to Choose the Best Order Management Software


When building your brand for success, it is easy to find yourself focusing two things—traffic and conversions. How are you bringing people to your site? Once they arrive, how are you convincing them to make a purchase?

Automate your order management with […]

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Upgrading Inventory Management With a Warehouse Management System

The key to a successful company is an effectively managed warehouse, but this puts many warehouse managers in a tough position. There are so many factors in a warehouse that can cause unforeseen problems and affect how smoothly your warehouse operates.

As a company builds its multichannel distribution network, tracking […]

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How Distributed Order Management Can Benefit Your Business

Distributed Order Management (DOM) may not be a familiar term, but it is one you should quickly begin to understand. As the ecommerce industry continues to become more customer-centric, omnichannel retail will continue to gain prominence as the sales model of choice.

Distributed Order Management (DOM) is […]

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Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping: How fast shipping affects conversions

Fast shipping is no longer a nice perk – it’s a necessity. Research shows that one of the most influential factors in customer conversions is fast shipping and Walmart is no exception. The world’s biggest retailer is battling […]

Skubana Partners with Deliverr to Expand 3PL Fulfillment Solutions Available for E-commerce Brands

Today, we are excited to announce Skubana’s partnership with Deliverr, the premier third-party fulfillment service for brands and retailers selling on eBay, Walmart and Shopify. The strategic partnership will allow customers to leverage the two-day, fast shipping options from Deliverr with the speed, […]

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Shipping Tips for Multi-Channel Sellers: What You Need to Know

This is a guest post written by Brian Gibbs. Brian is the President of Refund Retriever which was founded  in 2006 while running his first eBay based business and seeing the shortcomings of other shipment auditing companies. Refund Retriever’s primary focus is FedEx and UPS parcel invoice auditing. 

Incorporating a multi-channel sales […]

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Unboxing Graze: The Evolution of Packaging in E-Commerce

Everything you do, from posting that Tweet to handling returns plays a role in how the customer sees you. When it comes to perception, small details play a pivotal role. Who you are as a brand is reflected in everything you do yet a lot of businesses don’t take full […]

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Shipping Metrics: Why this Matters for Growing eCommerce Shippers

This is a guest post by Jillian Vaccaro. Jillian is a Senior eCommerce Account Specialist at Shapiro. Jillian Vaccaro has been with Shapiro for over six years, and after honing her logistics skills in the Pricing department, Jillian moved to the eCommerce Business Development team to help […]

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Is Your Distributor Onboarding Process Setting You Up for Success?

Finding the right distribution partner is a feat to be proud of. Most suppliers struggle to find the right distributor, and it usually takes numerous discussions and back-and-forth emails. Even in Sweden, 65% of exporting companies aren’t satisfied with the state of the relationship.

However, you can’t […]

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Manufacturing vs Distribution: How to find the right partner

Manufacturers and distributors should be a match made in e-commerce heaven. One party makes the goods, the other places them in the buyer’s hands. Yet, the Industrial Performance Group found that 82% of manufacturers and 92% of distributors feel their profitability is taking a dip because of […]

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Choosing Operations Software for Your E-commerce Store

Operations software is the easiest way to track and manage your business processes, ranging from warehousing inventory to employee paperwork. Operations management streamlines processes to ensure a return on every part of your business. The right tools give even small businesses the ability to collect and utilize data to make […]

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Making Fulfillment Fun: How to Increase Customer Engagement

Ross Beyeler | Making Fulfillment Fun: How to Increase Customer EngagementThis is a guest post by Ross Beyeler. Ross is the Founder of Growth Spark, an agency that helps e-commerce companies grow by building unique web experiences that convert visitors into […]

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How Fulfillment Wins in Walmart

This is a guest post from the Symphony Commerce team.

With over 88 million unique monthly visitors and 19,000 third-party sellers, Walmart has quickly jumped to the top of every Amazon seller’s radar. While it offers an enormous opportunity for budding Amazon sellers, it also presents several key challenges.

As almost all […]

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Pros and Cons of Purchase Orders in E-commerce

(Image source

Purchase orders allow you to quickly create legally binding contracts with suppliers and manufacturers when placing product orders. However, creating them can be a drain on time and resources, even if you typically use purchase order […]

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Amazon FBA FAQs

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that allows you to provide fast shipping, quality customer service, and even returns processing through Amazon’s vast fulfillment and customer service network. Currently, more than 65% of Amazon sellers use FBA to provide 2-day shipping to Amazon Prime users, […]

Unboxing: Thrive Market

What makes a customer stick with you when there are so many other options out there? What makes them commit?

Sellers of all stripes have searched for the answer to this question for years. Who doesn’t want a magical solution that instantly helps you demonstrate your value and crush the competition? […]

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How US Retailers Verify Addresses…And How Customers React

This is a guest post from the Addressy team. Addressy makes it faster, easier and more secure to manage address verification on your website, so that you know exactly where to send deliveries.

Have you ever gone onto an e-commerce site, found something you really wanted to buy, […]

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Sourcing Headaches Solved: Import from China Like a Pro Using the Funnel Sourcing Technique

This is a guest post from Guided Imports Founder Sam Boyd. Sam was born in Philadelphia, PA and came to China in 2008. He started his manufacturing and importing career while he was still at University, working for a product development company, focusing on manufacturing and exporting promotional electronics. […]

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Seamless Order Fulfillment is Critical to Customer Satisfaction

This is a guest post from Floship. Floship provides global e-commerce fulfillment that’s efficient, secure, and quick.

Whether a customer places an order online, by mail or over the telephone, he or she expects nearly instant gratification. Delays or errors in order processing and order fulfillment […]

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How to Kill Your Margins, Take Home Less Money, and Put Yourself Out of Business Quickly

This is a guest post by Michael Maher. Michael is a visionary entrepreneur with an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and new ideas. He has successfully run an e-commerce company for the past 7 years and is a consultant for other businesses. By […]

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Make money in your sleep: E-commerce solutions for easy automation

It takes more than a business card to be in business these days. In e-commerce, it takes a village; a team of reliable people who can get work done. Even if you sell online, you still need substantial offline support when it comes to shipping, operations, and management.

So how should […]

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How to Scale Internationally with No Warehouse Footprint

Growth is great for business; it means more opportunities, more partnerships, and more more sales. However, due to complicated logistics, expansion is also one of the biggest risks of online businesses.

For e-commerce stores looking to expand, international markets are prime opportunities. Countries like Germany and Brazil also have […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Logistics Spend on International Freight

This article was contributed by John Edmonds of Freightos, the online freight marketplace. Freightos’ online freight rate marketplace instantly provides live quotes from leading freight forwarders for you to compare and select. Sign up and get $50 dollars off your first international shipping of over […]

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Unboxing Yankee Candle – Essential E-Commerce Tips from Top Online Brands

How’s your e-commerce business providing customers with a memorable purchasing experience?

For the latest article in our Unboxing series, we purchased two holiday themed candles from Yankee Candle.

Checkout these top e-commerce tips and our takeaways with purchasing from this e-commerce top selling brand:

1) How Was It Shipped?

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Unboxing Thrive Market: How to Learn from Your Competition (and Top Sellers) by Shopping Online

With the support of social media, we are living in an age of health conscientious consumption. We look to finding the new “it” diets while seeking healthy options and ingredients seem to not only be difficult to find, but expensive as well.

Thrive Market has focused their target demographic […]

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Unboxing Lokai: How to Learn from Your Competition (and Top Sellers) by Shopping Online

Most successful e-commerce businesses spend a large portion of their marketing efforts on branding.

But when it comes to selling products online, your branding doesn’t end with designing and marketing products. Packaging and distribution methods affect your brand and your customers lifetime value, as much as your other marketing efforts do. […]

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The 3PL Automation That Made Millions for this E-Commerce Business

Whether you’re experiencing it now or later, as an online seller, there will be a tipping point when your e-commerce order transaction volume has increased beyond your team’s current capabilities. As your business grows, so does the cost and complexity of running it.

The champagne problem: While this is a good sign for your online […]

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Exclusive Sneak Peak Into An Amazon Warehouse

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens after you click the “buy” button on Amazon? For most people, you place your order (likely using Amazon Prime) and two days later your package arrives. Simple. Right?

The inner workings of Amazon are an enigma to many online […]

Unboxing How to Learn from Your Competition (and Top Sellers) by Shopping Online

If you know exactly what you’re doing, you can build an e-commerce storefront and start fulfilling right away. Chances are, however, you don’t know best practices to get the package shipped while leaving a lasting impression with customers, but that’s why we’re here.

We love a great deal, but what we love more is the amount of […]

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Top E-Commerce News Stories You Won’t Want to Miss

Big things are happening in the world of online selling as always and Skubana has this weeks top e-commerce news stories. From Apple Pay’s global expansion, Walmart taking a different approach to online growth, Facebook creating an e-commerce ecosystem and more. Don’t let you or your business be out of the loop.

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The USPS ePacket Program and How It Affects Your E-Commerce

EPacket-ECommerce-Seller-ProblemsAs an e-commerce seller, or someone looking to start selling online, are you aware of what the USPS ePacket program is, and how it can be hugely undercutting your business?

For those of you who are unaware of this program here’s an 

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Skubana’s E-Commerce Predictions for 2015


The e-commerce landscape is vast and truly knows no bounds. It may be difficult to keep up with what may be happening next, or what’s important. We here at Skubana would like to offer our contributions to the expert e-commerce predictions that […]

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