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Here and Now: A Guide for the Modern D2C Brand

Reports and Guides
The 12 Essential Shopify Plus Apps

Over 30+ pages covering the most important types of apps you should be using on your Shopify Plus store.

Here and Now: A Guide for the Modern D2C Brand

We surveyed over a hundred senior executives to understand what it takes for brands to double revenue.

The Guide to Inventory Management Software

A high-level overview for anyone looking to evaluate an IMS

The Definitive Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

The most important optimizations you can make to increase visibility and sales

The Guide to 'Detoxing' your Inventory

Learn how to maintain the “right” products and level of inventory to match your customers’ ever-changing needs

Amazon #1 Ranked Listings Analyzed

An analysis of 3000 Amazon listings to determine the traits that impact search the most.

Extensiv's Fulfillment Automation Guide

How to Keep Pace with the Speed of Ecommerce and Customer Expectations


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