When someone leaves you a review on Amazon, it’s important to learn from it. If it’s a good review, take note of what you did well. If it’s a negative review, take note of how you can improve. Amazon doesn’t typically show who exactly left a review, but there are a few ways to find out.

Knowing who left a negative review can be useful if you want to try and repair a damaged relationship, or if you suspect an unscrupulous competitor left you the negative review.

In this article, we’ll show you how to investigate Amazon reviewers so you can reach out and engage, or see if they’re a competitor.

Why Amazon reviews are important

Reviews impact your sales because they affect your discoverability and provide social proof for would-be customers on the fence about making a purchase.

According to ReviewMeta, even just a 0.38 star difference in Amazon can boost a product from mediocre to top rated. Since the average rating for a product on Amazon is 4.4 stars, going from 4.36 to 4.74 could make your items that much more visible.

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How to investigate Amazon reviewers

Option 1: Find customer Order ID

The easiest way to find out who left a review is to find the customer Order ID and match it with blank or unmatched reviewer names. An Order ID is a unique Amazon-created identifier for an order.

If you cannot find an order that matches the review, it should raise a red flag. This means that the reviewer potentially has not even tried your product before condemning it.

Option 2: Using Inspect Element

This option is a little more technical, but should give you a good idea of which order left someone unsatisfied.

1) Go to your negative review and copy the link address of the hidden Amazon Customer.

2) Paste the link into your URL and copy the unique profile code (customer ID)

3) Do an Advanced Order Search on the product

4) Expand your search results to show all

5) Inspect Element on all of your orders

6) Make a search for the customer ID you found in steps 1 & 2

7) You should be able to find their order. Edit as HTML for more details

Using the steps above, you should be able to find more information about who purchased and reviewed your product, see if you can repair the relationship, and whether or not it was a competitor.

Updated process as of 10/26/17

Amazon made some changes to their pages on October 26th with that being said, in order for reviews to be matched with 100% accuracy, you must have an automatic email campaign set up for all your products. As long as you use any email automation system and your messages go through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging system, we will be able to pick up vital buyer information for matching purposes. Please keep in mind, this is not likely to be a permanent solution as Amazon can change this process at anytime. 



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