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Expand your reach, everywhere you sell.

Before we started Skubana, we were marketplace sellers ourselves. We know firsthand how competitive and grueling modern marketplaces can be, and built Skubana to take them on. We’ll help you dominate every channel and propel your business to the next level.

Scale without fail

As you take your business to the next level, stay ahead of growing pains and costs. We’ll make sure every SKU performs at its best, even as you expand across channels and borders.

  • Discover detailed intelligence around SKU performance (from velocity to profitability)
  • Limit overhead tied to international and wholesale expansion
  • Reduce scalability issues related with your current tech stack (like expensive software or growing orders)

Take charge of your operations

Complex operations? Convoluted processes? They’re no match for Skubana. We’ll wrangle all of your multi-channel challenges with ease. And while we fulfill your orders, you can focus on fulfilling your promises everywhere you go.

  • Give your employees more bandwidth with lower human capital expenses
  • Increase customer satisfaction (no more fulfillment issues!)

Manage your inventory

We’ll make sure your products are always stocked, counted, and ready to be fulfilled. There’s no limit to how far you’ll grow.

  • Enjoy seamless inventory planning, from reorders to transfers
  • Stay on top of product availability, avoiding stock outs, poor allocation and aging inventory
  • Keep accurate inventory count and real operating financials
  • Find efficiency in your inventory holding locations

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