Your Guide to Selling on Walmart and Inventory Management Best Practices


The onset of ecommerce marketplaces fundamentally changed how we shopped. The constant disruption in retail and consumer purchasing pushed legendary retailers like Walmart to join its virtual competitors and participate in the online retail space. 

After decades […]

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How Does Walmart’s Ecommerce Inventory Management Practices Differ from Its Competitors?


As ecommerce competition tightens, so does the race for merchants between marketplaces. At the forefront are Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.

Amazon and eBay, both digitally native marketplaces, have taken the spotlight in recent years as the top-performing ecommerce platforms with appealing fulfillment processes […]

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The Best eBay Alternatives for E-Commerce Sellers

Many e-commerce sellers start out on eBay, taking advantage of quick and easy setup, the ability to dropship, and the ability to sell at any volume to build capital and selling experience. eBay is convenient, has a large consumer base, and offers many categories, but it isn’t the end of the line.

Whether […]

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E-Commerce Gameplan: Move to Channels You Own

Externally owned e-commerce channels like Amazon and eBay lower the entry barrier. They make it easy for budding sellers to tap into an existing audience that’s actively searching for something to buy.

Instead of spending a lot of time and effort building a digital brand, growing social […]

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International E-Commerce: A Guide to Selling on EU Marketplaces

Expanding to new markets can be both challenging and difficult, but it comes with opportunities for growth not found locally. Selling in the EU means access to 28 individual countries, enabling you to bring products to less saturated markets, meet international demand, and grow your store.

While international expansion is not the […]

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Are E-Commerce Sellers Better at Traditional Retail than Store-First Brands?

The rise of online shopping created a huge opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs who wanted to sell quality products at an affordable price. By cutting out the middleman, designing products in-house, and building a strong, authentic digital brand, they created non-traditional businesses with a global reach at a fraction of the […]

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How US Retailers Verify Addresses…And How Customers React

This is a guest post from the Addressy team. Addressy makes it faster, easier and more secure to manage address verification on your website, so that you know exactly where to send deliveries.

Have you ever gone onto an e-commerce site, found something you really wanted to buy, […]

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Where are e-commerce pros looking to sell their products online?

This is a guest post by e-commerce writer Hendrik Laubscher. Check out his blog for more of his work.

Amazon sellers are wise to take advantage of the great sales that Amazon can drive for third party sellers, but what can you do when you receive the […]

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Acquisitions, Shipping, and How Walmart is Trying to Stay Ahead of Amazon

This is a guest post by e-commerce writer Hendrik Laubscher. Check out his blog for more of his work.

Walmart is trying to acquire its way ahead of Amazon. In the last year, Walmart has spent almost $4 billion dollars to counter the […]

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Skubana and Shopify Integration Enables E-Commerce Optimization

Going multi-channel is one of the key ingredients for e-commerce success. You need to cover all of your bases to win the game, and in this day and age selling exclusively on Amazon or eBay just isn’t enough.

Your target audience is all over the Internet, so […]

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Walmart vs. Amazon from a Seller’s Perspective

Freed from the confines of conventional retail outlets, online merchants have a decent number of marketplace options to flex their sales muscles on.

But ask for their preference, and you’ll only hear a few names. Perhaps just one if you asked a few years ago … Amazon.

Over the years, has […]

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Using Facebook Ads to Generate e-Commerce Sales

Facebook gives e-commerce sellers a powerful opportunity to target audiences around the world. Their targeting and advertising opportunities are amazing for being so well focused; you can define age, education, interests, and even car ownership. All for a few dollars. Facebook will work whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, and […]

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Hitting a Plateau Selling on Amazon? 4 Steps to Building a Shopping Cart

 [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]This post was written by Richard Bogath. Rich Bogath is a Content Writer for Skubana, an all-in-one ERP system that seamlessly integrates with most sales channels, 3PLs, and warehouses. Rich Bogath is also a successful e-commerce director, business development specialist and consultant for the online industry. He […]

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The VAT Implications of Selling via Multi-Channels in the European Union

This article was written and contributed by helps online retailers trade internationally and successfully without being burdened by complex European Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation. is a team of VAT experts who provide first class expertise in international VAT compliance in […]

How Successful Customer Profiling Bolstered to an 8-Figure Business

Customer profiling and customer focus the best way to ensure customer retention. If you can hone your business to market toward a specific niche, that consumer group will not only be a repeat customer, but also share their experience of your store. Gary Nealon from not only devised […]

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Amazon’s Hold on the Throne: Top Amazon Competitors to Watch for 2016

This post is written by Hendrik Laubscher. Hendrik is Head of Product for Africa’s largest price comparison engine. He has a decades experience in e-commerce mostly focused on emerging markets.  He writes a blog and curates a weekly newsletter that is read by e-commerce […]

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How This E-Commerce Power Seller Went From a Basement to a Multi-Million Dollar Business

We all hear of e-commerce success stories starting from small beginnings – this e-commerce CEO started from the bottom and now he’s here. Watch it now. 

In the second episode of Skubana’s E-Commerce Mastery Series where we invite experts of their respected fields to share their […]

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How to Write the Perfect Apology Letter for Your E-Commerce Customers pt. 2

In our previous blog post we had dissected an apology letter we received from Crate and Barrel. A small error led to us being unsatisfied customers, but a well-thought apology letter turned it all around leaving us with a positive final impression.

However, what happens when the scale of the […]

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The Lowdown on the Latest Ecommerce News is Here

Psyched for the weekend? It’s almost here people, but before you put your feet up, play a round of golf, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix check out the latest ecommerce news.

Missing out on these updates could be costing your business money. Just sayin.

Instagram’s Billion-Dollar Niche

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The Top E-Commerce News Stories – Big Changes Are Here

As always we here at Skubana have your back when it comes to keeping you up-to-date on all things e-commerce. We’ve compiled the top e-commerce news stories you won’t want to miss. Big things are happening and its crucial to stay informed and in the know. From Amazon […]

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Why Selling on Multiple-Marketplaces Will Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Over the years, sellers have focused all their attention selling on Amazon. Why? Because it is easy, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) makes it even easier and Amazon is simply killing it – 40% of all product searches are happening on Amazon!

Although Amazon should be a large percentage […]

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Put Your Shopping Skills To Good Use & Uncover Online Selling Best Practices

Ecommerce-Seller-TipsE-commerce sellers nowadays are doing just about everything they can to stand out in this highly competitive sales world and give customers an amazing purchasing experience. From initial contact to clicking the ‘order complete’ button sellers must be on top […]

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6 Small Improvements to Your Amazon Business

Amazon-Seller-Best-PracticesBeing able to sell smart on the Amazon marketplace is a necessity for any e-commerce professional looking to increase their profits and brand awareness.

Like any other sales channel there are a number of best practices sellers can implement on Amazon to not […]