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When it comes to e-commerce, your brand needs to be found everywhere in order to win. This includes having an optimized Amazon strategy BUT also an optimized OFF-Amazon strategy. As an E-commerce seller, you need to be a MULTI-MARKETPLACE seller.

Chad Rubin, CEO of Skubana, did a quick video based on his journey selling on Amazon. And from his personal experiences, we hope to encourage sellers like you to start implementing a multi-channel strategy.

Essential Lessons to Learn from this video:

  • The possibility of having your 1 marketplace suspend your account
  • Channels to explore
  • Analytics strategies to keep track of
  • 60% of product searches are happening OFF Amazon

It is absolutely essential to sell on every MAJOR online marketplace such as: Amazon, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, Newegg, and your own shopping cart.

By doing this you’re giving your business the capability to WIN the lion’s share of e-commerce consumers and succeed while your competition, only exists on Amazon. And the only way to be efficient at selling across many channels is to have the right operational system in place – a system that can juggle inventory and prevent you from overselling.


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