Fulfill any way you want

Skubana is a shipping software. Skubana is an order management software. Skubana is 3PL and FBA middleware. Skubana is all those things and so much more. When it comes to fulfilling your orders, we handle every method, every workflow, and every use case. And we do it all from a single, beautifully simple interface. Never be shackled by fulfillment complexities again.

Multi-warehouse order fulfillment
Automatically pull in your cross channel orders and assign your orders to your warehouses. Fulfill anyway you ship.
  • In-house Fulfillment: Print pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels all on the cloud.
  • Third Party Logistics (3PL): Connect to your 3PL and set run-times to export orders, import inventory and shipments.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon: Import your FBA orders and inventory to obtain the most accurate customer data, sales velocity and analytics.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Automatically MCF non-Amazon orders. Export your orders for fulfillment to Amazon and import tracking information to submit to the respective sales channel.
  • Dropship: Connect to your drop-shipper’s FTP and set run-times to export orders, import tracking and shipments.
Create IF/THEN statements to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Set Warehouse: Automatically assign warehouses to an order based filters. Ex. IF an order has SKU 123, assign to my drop-ship warehouse.
  • Set Order Weight & Dimension: Based on order filters, automatically set package weight and dimensions, set total weight or apply a weight adjustment, and more.
  • Set Shipping Service & Features: Set shipping carrier and service, specify Amazon fulfillment method, insure the package and set insured value, specify billing and customs, and more.
  • Add Order Details: Specify FBA SKU, specific email template, and packing slip, add a return label, do not notify marketplace of shipment, Saturday and alcohol delivery and more.
Shipping rates calculator
Calculate multiple shipping rates to pick the most affordable shipping service.
  • Zip to Zip: Generate shipping rates for a general FROM – TO search.
  • Selected Order: Select a specific order to generate shipping rates. Choose the selected shipping service and apply to order.
Purchase amazon postage
Print shipping labels through Amazon’s “Buy Shipping Services” directly through Skubana.
  • Rate Amazon’s “Buy Shipping Services”: Rate shop Amazon’s reduced postage available shipping services directly through Skubana.
  • Merchant Fulfilled Prime: Purchase shipping and fulfill your seller fulfilled prime orders directly through Skubana.
Return label
Set multiple pick locations for fulfillment.
  • Print Return Labels: Print or e-mail return labels or automatically include returns labels in every order.
  • Pay-on-Use Return Labels: Utilize Endicia’s pay-on-use return labels to only deduct postage when the return label is scanned.
  • Manage Returns: Manage return receipt, status and details such as reason and inventory action. Easily mark as received or void labels with a click of a button.
  • Audit Costs: Rate carrier fees before printing a return label and audit all return carrier fees within the shipments tab.