Nugget Friday (3/2/18)

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App we’re enjoying —
Answer The Public (ATP). If you want your product to rank higher organically for your #1 search term, ATP can be used to your advantage. With Google’s increasing focus on the context of content, it shows questions that people ask on a specific keyword. This helps make a connection between your main keyword for your product and relevant, adjacent commonly asked queries connected to your keyword = your product will rank higher.

What we’re reading —
We broke the Amazon FBA Onsite story in a previous 5-nugget Friday edition. For those that missed it, we just published the ULTIMATE guide with everything you need to know.

What we’re pondering —
Walmart is launching two private label brands— mattresses to compete with Casper, and cosmetics to compete with Glossier. In our view, instead of cutting brands out of the equation, Walmart should be embracing their marketplace by providing a superior experience for it’s merchants. A partner, not a competitor. Play a different game than Amazon to win.

Short clip we can’t stop watching —
How to Start a Movement | Derek Sivers. This is absolutely what is happening on Amazon. However, first mover advantage has a short Amazon shelf life and MUST be replaced with long-term innovation and strategy. The cost of success is that people will copy you.

The above ^^ video got us thinking —
If your product takes off, bet on 15 knockoffs a few weeks after you hit the top of Amazon search results. If you don’t innovate, your product will die when something the same (or better) comes along. We call it the ‘Amazon Product Death Cycle.’ Copycats get all the advantages — they imitate the best aspects of your product, replicate your listing, and don’t make your same mistakes. Their weakness? They don’t know what they’re doing and don’t know where to take it.

Where we’re going —
Seller Velocity the Amazon brand conference. This conference is for advanced sellers who want to take their business to the next level. It will be hosted on April 26th, 2018.


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