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Successful merchants all over the world rely on creativity, hard work, and sheer grit. It is only right they have the tools to help them grow and prosper. We are not the reason they are successful, but we are the backbone of their success. Meet some the world's most successful brands and retailers that use Skubana as their competitive advantage.

Death Wish Coffee

What happens when you win Intuit’s Small Business Big Game competition and receive a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl? A whole lot of orders. And a whole lot of headaches if you don't have the systems to handle it all.

That is exactly what happened to Death Wish Coffee, the makers of the world's strongest coffee. They needed an operations software as strong as their brew, and Skubana delivered. One warehouse, two 3PLs, dozens of flash sales, hundreds of kitted products, and thousands of orders later, Death Wish is the epitome of efficiency when it comes to operations.


In 2012, three young entrepreneurs launched a product called ChargeCard on Kickstarter. The campaign garnered attention from The New York Times and The Huffington Post, tripling their target funding goal. Six years later, Nomad Goods expanded into selling over thirty products through Shopify, Amazon, and retailers such as Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, and Staples.

As a result of expanding order volume, product line, and sales channels, inventory management plagued their operations and customer experience. In less than a month, the Nomad team implemented Skubana, gaining full visibility of inventory in-transit across the world and warehoused in multiple locations. Everyone in the company can now see where units are located, how many are in transit, and more. Most importantly, the brand has drastically reduced overordering and driven profitable growth.

Quantum Networks

Becoming an Amazon Top 200 Retailer is no small feat. Doing it in a few short years is even more impressive. That is the story of Quantum Networks, one of the world's largest multi-channel retailers that manages over 250 brands across the globe.

When their old operations software could not keep up with their growth, Quantum Networks turned to Skubana for help. Today, Skubana powers Quantum Networks' entire fulfillment, inventory, purchasing, and FBA logistics, across multiple 3PL's and in-house warehouses. Onward and upward as Quantum gets closer and closer to the coveted Amazon Top 100 rank.

Wall of love

Kind word does a soul good. Hundreds of sellers from all over the world have given wonderful accolades to Skubana. Below are some of our favorites.

Most of the other platforms are simply not designed for large sellers and bottleneck in ridiculous ways. We make it a point to re-evaluate our inventory platform every year and keep coming back to Skubana after seeing everything out there.ThirteenChefs

Skubana is a game changer in the world of selling online across multiple marketplaces globally. They offer more features than any competitor and yet charge much less for their service than any other competitor who comes closeteam is extremely helpful.JP Mobiles

We finally found a solution with Skubana. The way their system is organized follows better logic than the others and is highly customizable and automatable. Skubana is powerful enough to support our growth all the way to enterprise-level and we couldn’t be happier. All that said, the best thing about Skubana was their customer service.Boldify

I don’t know where we would be without Skubana. When all other platforms failed to meet our needs or were too robust, Skubana saved the day. They provide a UI that’s easy for our team to navigate, and their automation is seamless. Our onboarding process was clear, and they let us move at the pace best fit for our team. I would highly recommend Skubana for any e-commerce brand, even custom ones with an array of SKUs. Skubana helped our highly customizable jewelry brand to track every single core product via bundles & kits, and the ROI is incomparable. Highly recommended.Moonglow Jewelry

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