Moonglow’s Head of Operations on Skubana: ‘The ROI is incomparable’

About the company: Moonglow sells customized jewelry featuring phases of the moon. In 2018, the brand set a goal to scale the business to ten million in annual revenue by the end of 2019. To do so, the founders implemented Skubana to manage the operations and unique workflows […]

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Skubana Raises $5.4M Series A Led by Defy Partners to Transform Commerce Operating Systems

Skubana Raises $5.4M Series A led by Defy Partners to Transform Commerce Operating Systems

Skubana powers orders, inventory, and business intelligence for the world’s top high-volume brands and retailers

NEW YORK, New York,  June 26, 2019 — Skubana

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Skubana Partners with Deliverr to Expand 3PL Fulfillment Solutions Available for E-commerce Brands

Today, we are excited to announce Skubana’s partnership with Deliverr, the premier third-party fulfillment service for brands and retailers selling on eBay, Walmart and Shopify. The strategic partnership will allow customers to leverage the two-day, fast shipping options from Deliverr with the speed, […]

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How to Virtually Create and Manage an Amazon Bundle

Amazon bundles are a powerful tool you can use to boost sales, offer convenience, and increase revenue per sale. Customers often need more than one product at once, and if they find everything they need in one packaged (and hopefully discounted) bundle, they will likely buy it rather than shopping […]

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Create Artificial Scarcity to Catapult Your Conversions

We’re all about helping you increase your conversions so you can start earning more money in your business. One timeless marketing strategy that increases sales and conversions across the board is scarcity. Scarcity alone is responsible for a 226% jump in sales in one test. We don’t […]

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Skubana + Zapier Integration: 750+ additional integrations at your fingertips

Skubana users can now integrate with useful apps to run their business thanks to a partnership with Zapier. These two tools make the technicalities of e-commerce accessible and manageable for anyone.

“Via Skubana’s App Store, Zapier is now available for all of our clients. With this integration, […]

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Skubana and Shopify Integration Enables E-Commerce Optimization

Going multi-channel is one of the key ingredients for e-commerce success. You need to cover all of your bases to win the game, and in this day and age selling exclusively on Amazon or eBay just isn’t enough.

Your target audience is all over the Internet, so […]

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Amazon Seller Central vs Amazon Vendor Central: Skubana First to Support Both

Skubana is now the first platform to support both Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central. With our new EDI integration, we can equip sellers who operate on multiple platforms, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as both first- and third-party Amazon centrals.

Amazon Seller Central vs Vendor Central

Amazon […]

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Skubana + Walmart integration brings order to e-commerce

The Skubana + Walmart integration enables e-commerce sellers who want to expand to Walmart do so with ease. It’ll allow you to track inventory, monitor analytics, organized shipping, and streamline other operational processes to save you time and money. Here’s a little more information about the offering.

Walmart has […]

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Skubana + Jet Integration Streamlines Inventory Management

Skubana is pleased to present its new Jet integration, which will allow e-commerce sellers to monitor their inventory across Jet and other channels, as well as gauge profits despite the great discounts that draws users to Jet.

The Jet acquisition by Walmart was one of the most discussed highlights of 2016 […]

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B2BGateway and Skubana Release EDI Integration

B2BGateway and Skubana present an electronic data interchange (EDI) integration that will automate data entry such as orders, invoices, inventory updates, acknowledgments and ASNs with trading partners. This will save our users time and effort while eliminating margin for human error.

B2B Gateway and Skubana [...]</p srcset=

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Release Notes – January 2017

Temperatures are dropping, but we’re bringing the heat!

The holiday season has ended, it’s time to start analyzing your inventory. Learn your SKU by SKU profitability to make actionable business decisions, liquidate dead inventory, and grow your revenue.

 Inventory Channel History

See historical logs of the last time inventory was pushed to your sales […]

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Appeagle and Skubana Brings the E-commerce Industry a New Pricing Power Duo


Automate product pricing with our new integration

If you’re one of the lucky eCommerce sellers who gets to enjoy holidays and other peak seasons without worrying too much about their business, then you’ve probably learned a thing or two about pricing automation.

At Skubana, […]

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Release Notes – September & October 2016

September and October have been a ridiculously busy month for the Skubana team. Check out the latest features we’ve been hard at work on so you can maximize your holiday season!


 Quickbooks Integrations via Unify!

Yes, it’s the accounting integration you’ve all […]

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The Ultimate Integration Guide to Manage Your Orders, Inventory, and Profit

Top 5 reasons Acquired

#1 – Walmart gets access to certain brands that would never consider selling to or on

#2 – Walmart extends their target demographic as the buyer profile is city dweller or millennial at a higher income bracket, but again, would […]

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Skubana Integrates with Xsellco Fusion: How to Pimp Out Your Customer Support Operations for Maximum Efficiency

We get it.

We understand how brutally difficult it is trying to run and operate your business selling on multiple different sales channels.

Once the product arrives at your customer’s doorstep – it could be sold from Amazon, Shopify,, Walmart or countless other channels – that is truly when the sale […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Walmart’s Marketplace: Double Your E-commerce Revenue in 3 Months or Less

Every seller now has a powerful new marketplace to integrate with.

I would say this marketplace is a must-have to expand your reach and sales.

What is this powerful new marketplace we speak of?

Walmart! Yes, that’s right.  Walmart is […]

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Release Notes – March 2016, Part 2

Batch Vendor Product Import

Importing all of your vendor products has never been easier. And, it can be done in a SINGLE spreadsheet! The days of multiple spreadsheets to handle each vendor are over. Implement all of your vendor products in a simple and easy manner through the Products section of […]

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The Optimized Strategy That Turned Lullaby Lane Into a $7 Million Business – Wes Grudzien

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned veteran, this saying from Wes Grudzien rings true: “Amazon in a sense is like a no limit hold in poker… it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.” Wes Grudzien has grown his co-founded business, LullabyLane […]

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Amazon’s Push into the Logistics Game – An Analysis of Amazon Drone and Flex

Today’s featured post is written by Hendrik Laubscher. He is Head of Product for Africa’s largest price comparison engine. He has a decade’s worth of experience in e-commerce, mostly focused on emerging markets.  He writes a blog and curates a weekly newsletter that is read by e-commerce […]

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Unboxing Tipsy Elves: Discover Best Practices from Top Sellers During the Holidays

(Image Via Business-Opportunities)

Building an e-commerce store and fulfilling orders sounds relatively simple, but it’s a complicated process of making the right choices to market, brand, sell, and distribute. If you make the wrong decisions, you’ll lose money, and customers.

Packaging, branding, and fulfillment methods aren’t just how you distribute […]

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The Latest E-Commerce News & Best Practices to Fuel Your Holiday Profits

We’re happy to bring you the top e-commerce news & best practices for the week of November 15th to 21st. Help fuel your holiday profits in 2015 by making smarter decisions.

Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips


Holiday sales are estimated to reach $630 billion in the […]

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The Secret to Climbing the Amazon Search Ranks Through Increased Conversion & Optimization

With Amazon’s growing dominance in the e-commerce market it’s essential for sellers such as yourself to take the necessary steps to optimizing your Amazon business to convert more customers. Amazon’s marketplace is constantly growing and it’s easy for your products to get lost among the ranks.

Want to skyrocket up the Amazon […]

Sriracha2Go: Building a Successful Start Up Business that Earned Mark Cuban’s Investment

Building a startup company is a dream that can either blow up or fizzle in an instant. For Sriracha2Go, a company that sells keychain bottles for the famous Sriracha sauce, it was social media exposure and a unique idea that not only blew up their sales, but also earned them an […]

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Release Notes – November 2015

Product Catalog Import

Skubana can now seamlessly import all products from your marketplaces and shopping carts!  Simply choose your master sales channel that has the most complete data, then select the rest as your child channels, and Skubana will do all the work for you in the background. Your […]

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From a TOP 300 Amazon Private Label Seller to a SaaS Entrepreneur w/ Chad Rubin

This post is contributed by Kunle Campbell of 2X eCommerce. This post was first published on 2x eCommerce blog: From an 8-Figure Amazon Private Label Seller to a SaaS Entrepreneur w/ Chad Rubin [Crucial Vacuum & Skubana]

Learn Key Points to E-commerce Success w/ […]

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How Optimizing Your Checkout and Customer Interaction Will Reduce Cart Abandonment — with Jordan Gal

Although cart abandonment is an everyday occurrence for e-commerce sellers, the reasoning behind why they’re being abandoned are always changing. Jordan Gal of understands that this is an area e-commerce sellers need to explore to better understand what customers need to complete orders on your website. Check out […]

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How to Develop a Proactive Strategy for Resolving Negative Feedback — with Scott Margolius

People often forget that feedback can make or break an e-commerce business on Amazon. If you neglect to moderate your feedback, it can spell the ultimate demise for your business. Feedback is the lifeblood of e-commerce growth, and Scott Margolius has become an expert on maintaining a healthy feedback score. 

In […]

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A (Proven) Ex-Military Strategy to Growing Your E-commerce Business

It is commonly said that we should never mix business with family. However, Jason Boyce Co-Founder and CEO of has proven that not only is that a false mantra, but that the bond of familial trust and strong leadership is the ultimate weapon against any e-commerce hardship. 

In the fifth episode […]

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The 3PL Automation That Made Millions for this E-Commerce Business

Whether you’re experiencing it now or later, as an online seller, there will be a tipping point when your e-commerce order transaction volume has increased beyond your team’s current capabilities. As your business grows, so does the cost and complexity of running it.

The champagne problem: While this is a good sign for your online […]

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How This E-Commerce Power Seller Went From a Basement to a Multi-Million Dollar Business

We all hear of e-commerce success stories starting from small beginnings – this e-commerce CEO started from the bottom and now he’s here. Watch it now. 

In the second episode of Skubana’s E-Commerce Mastery Series where we invite experts of their respected fields to share their […]

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Modcloth Unboxing: How Online Shopping Helps Us Learn from Our Competition

Building a brand can be the defining factor when determining the success of an e-commerce business.

When it comes to your brand, it does not begin and end with the products that you sell. Online sellers must take into account the packaging that is being used to ship your products and the impact it […]

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How Is Your Amazon Return Process Holding Your Business Back from Growth?

In e-commerce, when a customer “window-shops” with their credit card in hand, one of the first things they consider is your company’s return policy. If shoppers don’t like what they see, they will bounce.

Your return process defines the user experience and their confidence in you as the seller.

As an Amazon seller, you must ask yourself:

  • How hassle-free […]
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E-Commerce News You Just Can’t Miss

Psyched for the weekend? Before you run off to see Zac Brown Band (we’re actually doing this, don’t judge us) or go see the Jets play the Falcons (we’re doing this also, be jealous), check out this week’s e-commerce news.

Twitter Expands its Ad Program […]

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Can’t Miss Ecommerce News In This Week’s Review

Psyched for the weekend? We’ve almost made it folks, but before you put your feet up, go for a bike ride, or start reading your favorite book, check out this week’s ecommerce news.

Google Takes on a New Face

In an uAlphabets fixnexpected turn of […]

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Release Notes – August 2015

 Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Set your fulfillment source for multi-channel fulfillment and Skubana will take care of the rest. Choose your Amazon Fulfillment Shipping method, by orderbot or on a order-by-order basis and Skubana will automatically push the order to be fulfillment by the selected source Amazon distribution center.

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We Have This Weeks Must Read E-Commerce News

Psyched for the weekend? We certainly are. Before you kick-back, relax, and take in some sun you need to check out Skubana’s weekly e-commerce news review. We’ve compiled all the latest and greatest information to keep you up-to-date on what’s going down.

J.C. Penny Continues its Uphill Climb

After years of neglect and […]

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Exclusive Sneak Peak Into An Amazon Warehouse

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens after you click the “buy” button on Amazon? For most people, you place your order (likely using Amazon Prime) and two days later your package arrives. Simple. Right?

The inner workings of Amazon are an enigma to many online […]

How to Learn from Your Competition (and Top Sellers) by Shopping Online

Over the years in e-commerce, we’ve acquired an addiction… shopping. And it’s not because we love shopping. The reality is we learn a ton about other e-commerce sellers (and competition) every time we shop online.

Welcome to the first blog post in Skubana’s latest series, E-Commerce Fulfillment Clinic. In this […]

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Top 10 Must-Read Books for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Looking to grow your e-commerce business, but don’t know where to start? Our advice is to read as much as you can. We understand how easy it is to focus your attention on the wrong efforts for growth, or even the wrong reading material. As always, we here at

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Join Skubana at SCOE in Philadelphia – May 6-8, 2015

SCOE is easily one of the most useful conferences I attend each year. If you sell on Amazon, SCOE is a “can’t miss” event. Every year I learn something that puts money in my pocket.” ~ Skip McGrath, Publisher The Online Sellers News.

Why attend?

  • Increase sales » 75% of past SCOE […]
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Skubana Events To Launch You Into Spring

Skubana-Ecommerce-EventsSpring is here and Skubana is excited to hit the road and meet other sellers during our Spring Events Roadshow.

We love perfecting e-commerce operations management in the cloud, but we find that old-school networking of meeting face-to-face is invaluable when it […]

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Catalyst 2015 – Skubana’s Day 1 Quick Recap


Catalyst 2015 is providing e-commerce sellers with the necessary strategies to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

Skubana is happy to announce that we’re there firsthand getting the latest insights from some of […]

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