The State of Amazon Reviews in 2016

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To understand the state of Amazon reviews today, let’s take […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Amazon Business Is Losing Thousands of Dollars & How to Fix It

As a businessman, it’s my responsibility to explore all the possibilities that my investment is or is not living up to its potential. When getting involved with and specifically the selling channel of Fullment By Amazon, equal amounts of possibility exist for making and losing money through […]

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Skubana E-commerce TV: Why You NEED to Sell ON & OFF Amazon


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When it comes to e-commerce, your brand needs to be found everywhere in order to win. This includes having an optimized Amazon strategy BUT also an optimized OFF-Amazon strategy. As an E-commerce seller, you […]

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How to Optimize Your Amazon Reviews Strategy to Boost Your E-Commerce Success

Authority + Social Proof = Sales

That basic formula is proven time and again. When consumers trust the product or service offered and peers are testifying to its validity; the power of that combination directly influences purchasing decisions. In a 2015 survey by […]

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The Evolution of Amazon Prime and Their Followed Success

Name any service that is more than 10 years old, has added a significant amount of revenue for a business and has country specific programs that is part of a single business? I suspect that you will answer, a loyalty program that is run by a bank, airline […]

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How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business & Increase Sales Off Amazon with Your Own Website pt. 2

Softwares such as BigCommerce and Shopify—low to mid sized e-commerce platforms for similarly sized businesses — were designed to be super easy to configure and launch. For the more scalable towards larger sized e-commerce initiatives, you can also consider Magento, which can grow with […]

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