How to Get More Revenue on Amazon by Leveraging Frequently Bought Together

Are you looking to generate more revenue on Amazon?

That’s a silly question. Even if your are a superstar merchant on Amazon, it’s safe to say that no matter how successful your company is, your Amazon revenue can always use a boost.

If you want to […]

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5 Advanced Sponsored Product Ads Tactics That Will Set You Apart From the Pack

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info] This article is contributed by Leanna Kelley. Leanna is a content specialist at CPC Strategy, a paid digital advertising agency with a retail focus located in San Diego, CA. She loves writing about all things ecommerce–from the latest Amazon TOS changes to Google Shopping best practices. […]

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Negative Amazon Product Reviews and What to Do About it

Whether you sell one product or thousands, negative product reviews are almost an inevitability for e-commerce sellers. Unfortunately, negative reviews can hurt your sales if consumers think that your products are flawed, if your sales platform thinks that you’ve dropped below their quality standards, or if you respond to the […]

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How to Deal with Negative Amazon Seller Feedback

Selling online means that you will occasionally receive bad reviews and if you are on Amazon or any of a number of other platforms, buyers can leave negative seller reviews to tell other buyers that they were not happy with your performance as a seller. Unfortunately, this can hurt your […]

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Algorithmic Vs. Rule Based Repricing: Which Is Best for Your Amazon Business?

Whether you’re an Amazon seller who’s already using a repricing tool, or still searching for a repricer, it’s key to fully understand all the options available on the market so that you can make an informed decision.

Choosing a repricer that fits the needs of your Amazon business can […]

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How Does Amazon View You?

This article is written and contributed by Chris McCabe. Do you feel like you get warned by Amazon for every single thing you do? Learn how to handle policy and communicate with Amazon like an Amazonian in the free masterclass, How To Talk To Amazon So They […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Walmart’s Marketplace: Double Your E-commerce Revenue in 3 Months or Less

Every seller now has a powerful new marketplace to integrate with.

I would say this marketplace is a must-have to expand your reach and sales.

What is this powerful new marketplace we speak of?

Walmart! Yes, that’s right.  Walmart is […]

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The Importance of Professional Translations Across the Amazon International Marketplace

nick strozzaThis article was written and contributed by Nicholas Strozza, Vice President for Marketing and Sales of InterPro. Interpro Translations Solutions provides professional translation and localization services into over 80 languages for retailers, businesses and non-profits worldwide.

Sales channels are more than just an easy […]

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The State of Amazon Reviews in 2016

This article was written and contributed by  It’s an all-in-one solution for getting more sales and reviews for your products.  If you want Amazon reviews that adhere with Amazon’s Terms of Service, consider using HonestFew.

To understand the state of Amazon reviews today, let’s take […]

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Hitting a Plateau Selling on Amazon? 4 Steps to Building a Shopping Cart

 [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]This post was written by Richard Bogath. Rich Bogath is a Content Writer for Skubana, an all-in-one ERP system that seamlessly integrates with most sales channels, 3PLs, and warehouses. Rich Bogath is also a successful e-commerce director, business development specialist and consultant for the online industry. He […]

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Top 5 Ways to Gain Repeat Business After Making the Sale

As an e-commerce seller, a large part of your business centers around marketing to ensure that people know about your products so that they can buy them if they want to.

But, while it’s important to consistently bring new consumers into your sales funnel, it’s equally important to pay […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Amazon Business Is Losing Thousands of Dollars & How to Fix It

As a businessman, it’s my responsibility to explore all the possibilities that my investment is or is not living up to its potential. When getting involved with and specifically the selling channel of Fullment By Amazon, equal amounts of possibility exist for making and losing money through […]

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Duplicate Content, And The Importance of Unique, Optimized Product Listings

Here at Skubana, it’s our dream to revolutionize the world of e-commerce by allowing sellers to work on their businesses and not in them. To accomplish this, all sellers must have the basics down when it comes to creating unique content on their product listings. To accomplish this, check […]

Amazon Brands: Facets and Tenets

In the world of brick and mortar, your brand is everything. Your reputation drives your sales and vice versa. In “real life,” the buyer can look you in the eye and shake your hand if you are the salesperson or shop owner. They can touch and see and feel the […]

Beat Amazon at Their Own Customer Support Game

BIOToday’s featured post was contributed by Rupert Heather.  He is a Content Writer at XSellco, where he provides insights into the eCommerce industry and helpful tips for online sellers. When he’s not busy writing, he’s usually selling books on […]

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Why You Should Stop Reselling and Start Manufacturing

Your E-commerce success depends on your inventory more than anything else.  

If you’re a reseller, selling what you’ve purchased at a price higher than you paid can be a difficult undertaking if you don’t take a strategic approach to your inventory (keep in mind that swan […]

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How to Outsource Amazon Selling Activities to Save you Time, Increase Profits and Win the Buy Box

As the E-commerce machine known as Amazon continues to change the way the world shops, manufacturers, established businesses, seasoned entrepreneurs and aspiring retail moguls are cashing in on the opportunities created for third-party sellers. Never before has a single company made online selling so lucrative and never before has a […]

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Merch By Amazon – The First Step in Amazon’s On-Demand Product Offerings?

Merch By Amazon is one of the hottest new Amazon platforms. It allows anyone to upload an image (shirt design) that will then be offered for sale as a t-shirt in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes on Amazon.

When a customer orders the shirt, Amazon will print it using […]

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The Best Kept Secrets of Amazon’s Private Labeling Initiative: AmazonBasics

In the Amazon marketplace battlefield, sellers have resorted to private labeling to reduce competition, and own the buy box.

As sellers, we fear the copycat private labelers – Amazon sellers that invade your product category with off-the-shelf products from China, and provide a poor quality knock-off […]

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Skubana E-commerce TV: Why You NEED to Sell ON & OFF Amazon


Subscribe to Skubana E-commerce TV for more expert selling strategies from a Top 250 Amazon Seller.

When it comes to e-commerce, your brand needs to be found everywhere in order to win. This includes having an optimized Amazon strategy BUT also an optimized OFF-Amazon strategy. As an E-commerce seller, you […]

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Marketplace Pulse: How to Properly Benchmark Your Amazon Business

Good, you know how to optimize your listing.
Great, you know how to market your product.
Awesome, your products are selling well and have earned a nice flow of cash.

But then you feel it – the boredom of monotony. Selling is fine, but the […]

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Skubana E-commerce TV: Why You Shouldn’t Use Listing Tools

Subscribe to Skubana E-commerce TV for more expert selling strategies from a Top 250 Amazon Seller.

The hot topic of e-commerce software has been listing tools. There’s a belief that this will be some sort of silver bullet to building your business.

What’s our belief? That it’s BULL****.

Chad […]

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How to Optimize Your Amazon Reviews Strategy to Boost Your E-Commerce Success

Authority + Social Proof = Sales

That basic formula is proven time and again. When consumers trust the product or service offered and peers are testifying to its validity; the power of that combination directly influences purchasing decisions. In a 2015 survey by […]

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The Evolution of Amazon Prime and Their Followed Success

Name any service that is more than 10 years old, has added a significant amount of revenue for a business and has country specific programs that is part of a single business? I suspect that you will answer, a loyalty program that is run by a bank, airline […]

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The Fundamentals of Amazon Repricing by Izabella De Souza of Appeagle

We’re happy to feature Izabella De Souza, the Senior Marketing Manager of AppEagle as Skubana’s guest blogger this week. 

For the most part, Amazon tends to keep certain statistics quiet. As of 2015, however, we know that at least two million third-party merchants worldwide sell over 80 […]

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How to Get a Bigger Slice of Amazon Search Page Views

Uploading an item for sale on Amazon is easy to the point that almost anyone can do it, but ranking that item so that it shows up in search among hundreds or even thousands of competitors is something else entirely. Amazon’s search algorithm A9 is similar to Google, Yahoo, Bing, […]

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How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business & Increase Sales Off Amazon with Your Own Website pt. 1

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon… right? Seems like that’s all we hear about when it comes to the model of e-commerce and the poster child of Internet marketplaces. They are the end-all — the place to be. If you ain’t selling on Amazon then you ain’t selling. After all, Amazon runs the […]

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How to Source Your Products Efficiently without Endangering Your Capital — With Manuel Becvar

Do you fully understand where your products are coming from? How are your relationships with your manufacturers? And what fallback plans or contractual contingencies do you have in place with your suppliers? There needs to be a fruitful and trusting relationship between you and your supplier for both of […]

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How to Use Customer Reviews to Increase E-Commerce Profits by 68%

Converting traffic into leads or sales is one of the primary goals of marketing, and it’s also one of the most difficult parts of running an e-commerce store.

Without the ability to try, see, or test products before purchasing them, consumers have to make a decision based on trust, which can […]

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Marketing Expert Neil Patel Shares Effective Strategies to Outperform Your Competition

Neil Patel is a name that the e-commerce world has engraved on a gold heart locket. He’s the content marketing expert who runs the extremely popular advice blog Quicksprout, that focuses on providing SEO content writing tips and strategies. If you haven’t heard of Neil Patel, then you better start preparing […]

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The Essential Tools & Strategies for Increasing Your International Market Presence — With Hendrik Laubscher

The International market is often forgotten for most American e-commerce sellers. The idea of having products shipped to Europe scares most sellers due to shipping costs. Hendrik Laubscher advises against this hesitance and has come on our show to discuss alternative tools and marketplaces for efficient international selling.

In the Tenth episode of Skubana’s E-Commerce Mastery […]

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The Secret to Climbing the Amazon Search Ranks Through Increased Conversion & Optimization

With Amazon’s growing dominance in the e-commerce market it’s essential for sellers such as yourself to take the necessary steps to optimizing your Amazon business to convert more customers. Amazon’s marketplace is constantly growing and it’s easy for your products to get lost among the ranks.

Want to skyrocket up the Amazon […]

Essential E-Commerce News for Your Business – Stay Up to Date & Grow Your Sales

We’ve got the latest e-commerce news & insights for the week of November 8th to the 14th. From the best practices for utilizing FBA, new methods for reaching customers & more. Work Smart and Sell More with these topics.

Are You Selling on Facebook? 


It’s no […]

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From a TOP 300 Amazon Private Label Seller to a SaaS Entrepreneur w/ Chad Rubin

This post is contributed by Kunle Campbell of 2X eCommerce. This post was first published on 2x eCommerce blog: From an 8-Figure Amazon Private Label Seller to a SaaS Entrepreneur w/ Chad Rubin [Crucial Vacuum & Skubana]

Learn Key Points to E-commerce Success w/ […]

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Latest E-Commerce News, Topics & Trends to Launch Your Business

Check out the latest e-commerce news, topics & trends for the week of November 1st to the 7th. Customers are buying more & more so don’t miss these opportunities to grow your business.

HUGE Funding

e-commerce-news-jet-fidelity-investment looks to complete a $500 […]

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How Optimizing Your Checkout and Customer Interaction Will Reduce Cart Abandonment — with Jordan Gal

Although cart abandonment is an everyday occurrence for e-commerce sellers, the reasoning behind why they’re being abandoned are always changing. Jordan Gal of understands that this is an area e-commerce sellers need to explore to better understand what customers need to complete orders on your website. Check out […]

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What to Do After Amazon Product Ads Breaks Up With You – Alternative Marketing Channels for E-commerce

Amazon announced that on October 31st, they will be shutting down Amazon Product Ads and Text ads. Amazon product ads have been a huge part of marketing for many online retailers for some time, and there’s no doubt that e-commerce businesses are going to acutely notice the loss of the […]

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Top E-Commerce News: Stay Informed & Grow Your Business with These Insights

Another week has passed which means we’re another week closer to the holiday season and the absolute awesome chaos that will ensue for online sellers. Are you as excited as we are? Well you should be this means more opportunities and more profits for your e-commerce businesses.

Here are this […]

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Top E-Commerce News & All Things Awesome

Its that time of the week again. Time to stare at the clock impatiently as that 5 o’clock hour shows its beautiful face. Who are we kidding? – we work in e-commerce there is no 9 to 5. There’s only ambition, results and being incredibly driven. Since you have so much drive you […]

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Need to Know E-Commerce News Before Your Weekend

Welcome to Skubana’s Weekly Need to Know E-Commerce News update. We’ve compiled THE top stories from around the web for your convenience. Stay informed.

e-commerce-news-drone-issuesDrone Delivery Obstacles 

Robots are cool and so is fast delivery. If you haven’t heard all the buzz about […]

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E-Commerce News You Just Can’t Miss

Psyched for the weekend? Before you run off to see  Zac Brown Band (we’re actually doing this, don’t judge us) or go see the Jets play the Falcons (we’re doing this also, be jealous), check out this week’s e-commerce news.

Twitter Expands its Ad Program […]

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The Lowdown on the Latest Ecommerce News is Here

Psyched for the weekend? It’s almost here people, but before you put your feet up, play a round of golf, or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix check out the latest ecommerce news.

Missing out on these updates could be costing your business money. Just sayin.

Instagram’s Billion-Dollar Niche

Chad Rubin|2018-05-18T11:58:29-04:00July 31st, 2015|Digital Marketing, eCommerce News, Marketplaces|

The Latest E-Commerce News for Your Online Business

Psyched for the weekend? I know we are. Before you crack open that cold beer and put your feet up you may want to check out the latest e-commerce news that could be affecting your online business. Just saying…stay ahead of the curve people. Finally Launches

Well it’s finally here. The […]

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Exclusive Sneak Peak Into An Amazon Warehouse

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens after you click the “buy” button on Amazon? For most people, you place your order (likely using Amazon Prime) and two days later your package arrives. Simple. Right?

The inner workings of Amazon are an enigma to many online […]

What’s the Latest E-Commerce News? – It’s All Here People

The weekends here, which is awesome, but you know what else is equally awesome? Skubana has compiled the latest e-commerce news for your enjoyment. A lot of wild stuff went down this week people and we’ve compiled the need to know stories you….well need to know. 

Chad Rubin|2018-05-18T11:58:29-04:00July 17th, 2015|eCommerce News|

The Top Ecommerce News & Trends You Just Can’t Miss

It’s always a busy week in the online world and we’ve compiled the top ecommerce news stories for your viewing pleasure.

You’re not going to want to miss out on these topics. They could very well impact your business

What’s the Deal with Prime Day? 

July 15th is Amazon Prime Day. Being […]

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How to Get Your Slice of Amazon’s Billion Dollar Online Grocery Market

Every once in a while, a certain e-commerce category becomes the talk of the town.

It’s like finding the next selfie stick, or GoPro case. For a time, it’s kept a secret on Amazon with only a few sellers winning their share, but as soon as it becomes mainstream, all Amazon […]

Top E-Commerce News Stories and Other Random Things

From Google running pricing experiments, an Amazon insider revealing pricing strategies, huge numbers from the international market, mobile traffic surpassing desktop and the newest sales channel.

A lot has happened this week and we’ve compiled the top e-commerce news stories for you.

e-commerce-news-google-pricingGoogle’s Latest Venture

Any […]

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The Definitive Guide to Your First Amazon FBA Shipment

There’s so much talk of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) these days – you just can’t ignore it. It’s actually one of the best ways to get more eyeballs on your product on Amazon, and get a higher conversion since FBA’ing your product gives Amazon customers the ability to get […]

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The Top E-Commerce News Stories – Big Changes Are Here

As always we here at Skubana have your back when it comes to keeping you up-to-date on all things e-commerce. We’ve compiled the top e-commerce news stories you won’t want to miss. Big things are happening and its crucial to stay informed and in the know. From Amazon […]

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Why Selling on Multiple-Marketplaces Will Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Over the years, sellers have focused all their attention selling on Amazon. Why? Because it is easy, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) makes it even easier and Amazon is simply killing it – 40% of all product searches are happening on Amazon!

Although Amazon should be a large percentage […]

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This Week In E-Commerce – Big Changes That Affect Your Business

IRCE 2015 has come to an end as more than 600 companies came together to discover the best practices and newest technologies that are driving the e-commerce world. There’s been a lot of innovation this year as well as big changes and we’ve gathered the essential stories you aren’t going […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest Industry Insights

We’ve got this weeks top e-commerce stories. From Amazon’s game changing announcement, untapped international markets, broadening your services to stay relevant and more.

Indian-Ecommerce-Market-GrowthIndian Market is Reaching a Boiling Point

Global markets are on the rise across the board and India has shown 34% […]

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This Week in E-Commerce – Top News Stories you Won’t Want to Miss

We here at Skubana have gathered this weeks top stories for all things e-commerce. From the latest insights on Googles famous buy button, Shopify officially going public, Amazon taking their logistics game up a notch and eBay’s newest loyalty program. Stay in the know.

The Google Buy Button is Almost Here 

One […]

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The Importance of Utilizing AmazonGlobal for your E-Commerce

Keeping in the theme of IRCE 2015’s pre-show ‘Amazon & Me’ we here at Skubana have compiled the essential reasons why your e-commerce needs to be utilizing AmazonGlobal to further strengthen your brand and increase sales.

For businesses looking to break into the international marketplace, […]

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Why Your E-Commerce Needs to be Selling on Amazon Now

This year IRCE 2015 is starting off its pre-show with the segment ‘Amazon & Me’, where sellers will learn to leverage Amazon offers and utilize best practices. Skubana will be there firsthand providing 1-on-1 consultations with the former business head of James Thomson. […]

This Week in E-Commerce – Get the Latest Info You Need

Skubana has this week’s latest e-commerce news and insights. Stay up to date with stories from Amazon shutting down their Webstore offering, new competition for Apples smartwatch and how retailers are battling back through the use of membership programs. 

Amazon-Closing-Ecommerce-storesAmazon […]

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6 Small Improvements to Your Amazon Business

Amazon-Seller-Best-PracticesBeing able to sell smart on the Amazon marketplace is a necessity for any e-commerce professional looking to increase their profits and brand awareness.

Like any other sales channel there are a number of best practices sellers can implement on Amazon to not […]

This Week in E-Commerce – Top News Stories You Need from Skubana

We here at Skubana have this weeks latest insights and stories to all things e-commerce. Stay up-to-date on the industries biggest influencers and find out the best practices for gaining exposure to your business.

amazon-alibaba-marketplace-ecommerceAmazon Sets Up Shop on Alibaba has […]

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Latest E-Commerce News

Welcome to the first ever ‘This Week in E-Commerce’ where Skubana provides the top stories and insights for all things e-commerce for the week. What are the hot topics you ask? Read to find out!


This Week in E-Commerce – Insights and Top News Stories from Skubana

Welcome to the first ever ‘This Week in E-Commerce’ where Skubana provides the top stories and insights for all things e-commerce for the week. What are the hot topics you ask? Read to find out!

Chinese-ECommerce-Market-AlibabaThe Cross-Border […]

By |2018-05-18T11:58:44-04:00February 27th, 2015|eCommerce News|

Amazon Enters Multi-Platform Promotions With Their New Giveaway Tool

Amazon-eCommerce-Giveaway-ToolsAmazon has launched a new self-service tool for customers to host giveaways directly on Amazon’s site. With this announcement the e-commerce giant is putting itself in the position of becoming a promotions platform that could become quite handy for sellers.

Normally the word […]

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Skubana’s E-Commerce Predictions for 2015


The e-commerce landscape is vast and truly knows no bounds. It may be difficult to keep up with what may be happening next, or what’s important. We here at Skubana would like to offer our contributions to the expert e-commerce predictions that […]

By |2018-05-30T11:23:17-04:00February 23rd, 2015|Digital Marketing, Fulfillment & Logistics|