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Building a Scalable and Profitable Amazon Brand
Building a Scalable and Profitable Amazon Brand-1

 Webinar Overview & Highlights

How do you triple your #Amazon sales this Q4?💰💰💰

Skubana has partnered with @pingpongx @sellerlabs to bring you tactical strategies to crush your Amazon sales 🔥 and scale for bigger profits in 2021 🌱 📈

You'll Learn:

📣What is a brand and why does it matter
🎯Successful advertising strategies that every brand should consider
👩‍💼When to DIY vs Outsource your advertising.
💪 How to manage peak season inventory and order operations.
🎁 How to use Prime Day sales data to inform your BFCM strategy.
💸How to increase profitability with shipping shortcuts.
📈How to increase AOV with product bundling and artificial scarcity.

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin CEO and Co-Founder
Jeffrey Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen VP Marketing
Seller Labs
Antonio Sena
Antonio Sena Sales Manager
PingPong Payments

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