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From Zero to Bestseller on Amazon Marketplace
1 Hour
WBR - From Zero to Bestseller on Amazon

Webinar Overview & Highlights

In this latest webinar, Chad discussed and answered questions about how he took his business from ZERO to BESTSELLER. An inside look at what works and what didn't in his 10-year journey to success, mainly the importance of having the right software to automate your e-commerce operations like Skubana and an e-commerce Help Desk tool like Xsellco Fusion that centralizes your customer support queries all in one place.

Here's What You'll Learn: 

1. 3-Step Process in Private Labeling - Discovery - Validation - Execution

2. Disrupt your Marketplaces - find products that bothers you - how to go Cheaper, Easier and Direct to Consumer - translating your success to other verticals

3. Product Validation - Amazon reviews narrative, eBay, Adwords - spying on your competition

4. Fulfillment - shopping online for best practices

5. Sourcing - how to choose which one is best for you. Weighing your options!

6. Benefits of Going Direct to Consumer

7. Building your Operational Foundation - social media, guerilla marketing, YouTube videos etc. - Skubana and Xsellco

8. Life Off of Amazon - building your own website - other marketplaces you should be on

9. Inspirational Books and other productivity Apps

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin22-1
Chad Rubin CEO and Co-Founder

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