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Gaining Control Of Your Brand On Amazon
1 Hour
WBR - Gaining Control Of Your Brand On Amazon
Webinar Overview & Highlights

Are you prepping for your first official launch on Amazon? Or are you looking to reclaim control of your brand on the marketplace? In this live session, we teamed up with CPC Strategy to reveal the secrets to establishing and elevating your brand on Amazon.

This live session is jam-packed with many actionable tactics your brand can leverage to make sure you are dominating the Amazon world. 

We will show you:

- Why Amazon matters

- How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon - Brand Registry 2.0:
What is brand registry? 
Benefits of brand registry
What brand registry does and does not provide

- Signing up for brand registry: How To, What to expect

- Pros & Cons: Amazon Vendor Central (1P) vs. Amazon Seller Central

- THREE Tactics to take control of your brand on Amazon:
1. PPC - Using Your Competitors Branded Keywords
2. Sessions / Conversion Rate Insights via 3P Data
3. Usings Kits/Bundles

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin22-Dec-09-2021-11-50-41-67-AM
Chad Rubin CEO and Co-Founder
Joe Selzer Manager, Amazon Account Support
CPC Strategy

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