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Building a Connected Customer Journey
1 Hour 30 MINUTES
WBR - 2020-02-27 - Connected Customer Experiences-1

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Modern customer journeys are defined by personalization, omnichannel selection, and customer-directed fulfillment. Increased competition and higher acquisition costs have forced brands to re-examine their customer touchpoints to create highly-curated, consistent brand experiences everywhere their customers shop.

In this virtual summit, we bring together technology leaders in digital marketing and website design to identify opportunities for digital optimization that brands need to prioritize in 2020.

Webinar Speakers
Gina Tirelli
Gina Tirelli Marketing Manager
Margaret Hurwitz
Margaret Hurwitz VP of Sales
Rob Hammett
Rob Hammett Director of Solutions
Brian Guidry
Brian Guidry Partner
Katie Krische
Katie Krische Marketing & Partnerships
Octane AI
Peter Starr Northrop Jr
Peter Northrop Sr. Marketing Analyst

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