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How the #1 Coffee Company 2Xs Sales
1 Hour
WBR - How the No 1 Coffee Company 2Xs Sales

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Passion is what keeps us going at Skubana, and empowering sellers like Death Wish Coffee is icing on the cake.

This Valentine's Day, we teamed up with the #1 coffee company, Death Wish Coffee, as they discuss their humble beginnings and how they rose to the top.

Here's What You'll Learn:

1. Death Wish Coffee Company's Humble Beginnings
- the beginning stages in 2008
- venturing into e-commerce in 2012
- 2 marketing tools that helped them

2. Actionable Steps that Gained Traction
- Bloggers, influencers reach out.
- Facebook and email ads, Buzzsumo
- How they made the Death Wish brand different

3. Winning the SuperBowl Ad Contest
- What is the competition all about?
- The winning moment and how it revolutionized the brand forever.
- Changes implemented like weekly newsletter, freebies.
- Email automation in Mailchimp

4. The Aftermath, Opportunities, Challenges
- Managing 4 different warehouses
- Having no idea what their real inventory looks like
- Communicating with different suppliers/ vendors
- Running out of raw materials and overselling
- 3PL vs. running a warehouse

5. Venturing into E-Commerce
- Enhanced brand content
- Growing customer base on various social media platforms
- Scaling into multiple marketplaces (Shopify Plus, WalMart)
- New and limited edition products (mugs, accessories etc.)

6. Tech Stack Used
- Shopify Plus
- ViralSweep
- Skubana
- Intuit Quickbooks
- Bold Apps

Chad's Tech Stack for Think Crucial:
- Slack, Trello
- Klaviyo
- YotPo

7. Why Skubana?
- How it became the center of their E-commerce Operations
- Managing inventory, orders and returns processing across all sales channels.
- Vendor and Purchase Order Automation
- Cross-channel Analytics

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin22-4
Chad Rubin CEO and Co-Founder
Dustin Alexander
Dustin Alexander Purchase Manager
Death Wish Coffee
Eric Donovan
Eric Donovan Chief Logistics Officer
Death Wish Coffee

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