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The Ultimate DTC Growth Stage Tech Stack
1 Hour 30 MINS

Webinar Overview & Highlights

If D2C brands want to scale in a competitive market, staying organized and avoiding pitfalls is crucial. Between logistics, customer support, website maintenance, marketing, operations and more, there's many departments to stay on top of 💁. Things can spiral out of control if you’re not prepared. So how can you remain organized and avoid “holes” in your eCommerce operations 🛍️? Employing a complete growth stage tech-stack ⚙️.

A comprehensive tech stack is a driving factor behind the most successful D2C brands 🏆. When you have the right digital technologies, you can run your operations smoothly and scale much faster.

Shopify has over 4,200 apps in the App Store (not including third-party applications) – so the tools you need to customize and grow your brand further are already available. In this D2C event, you’ll gain access to Shopify App partners, actively involved in all processes, from app development to design to marketing.

What You'll Get:

You are going to hear the top experts of the industry that will guide you towards achieving your goals 🎯. You’ll discover:

- How to enhance your growth stage and scale operations 🛠️
- Insights from industry experts about building the ultimate tech-stack for growth 📈
- Answers to your most important questions about growing your D2C brand 🌱

Webinar Speakers
Alex McVarish
Alex McVarish Solutions Engineer
Chris Lavoie - Gorgias-3
Chris Lavoie Tech Partner Manager
Shane Gamble (1)
Shane Gamble Director of Sales
Yunoell Arellano
Yunoell Arellano Product Support Engineer
Adam Schaechter
Adam Schaechter Sales Manager

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