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Sellers Circle: Growing Your Customer Base
Growing Your Customer Base

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Did you know the global ecommerce market is expected to total almost $5 trillion in 2021? Now, more than ever it is time to expand your customer base!

Automation can help you grow your business fast and with ease. Join Skubana, Weglot, and Refersion to hear from experts on how to take advantage of the ecommerce boom! You will learn how to grow into a DTE seller, strategies for brand awareness, and new marketing trends that make an impact.

In this webinar, we will cover the following:

🛒 DTC Turning Into Direct-To-Everywhere (DTE), Skubana

🌏 Global Ecommerce Strategies, Weglot

🌟 Influencer Marketing Reach and Rise in Popularity, Refersion

Webinar Speakers
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Partner Marketing Manager
John Ashley
John Ashley Account Manager
Michelle Frechette
Michelle Frechette Weglot Representative
Hai Yen Duong
Hai Yen Duong Tech App Partner Manager

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