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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Panel
WBR_ Amazon Prime Day 2021 Panel

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Prime Day 2020 was a record-breaking event with more than 1 million deals globally 💰 and Prime Day 2021 may be even bigger 🔥. This year, more than ever, is a crucial time to get in front of new customers in the competitive ecommerce market 🛒.

From an end-to-end channel management approach, learn about what you should do before, during, and after Prime Day to maximize sales and make this your most successful Prime Day yet. Are you Prime Day ready? 🎉

Webinar Speakers
Chad Rubin-1-Dec-09-2021-06-20-28-60-AM
Chad Rubin Co-Founder
Kerry Mallett-2
Kerry Mallett Webinar Coordinator
Megan O Keefe
Megan O' Keefe Senior Manager, Marketplaces
Megan O Keefe (1)
Colleen Quattlebaum Marketing Manager
Ben Gumkow
Ben Gemkow Team Strategist, Marketplaces
Prateek Haralalka
Prateek Haralalka Amazon Expert & Customer Success Manager

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