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Be 2022 Ready: Preparing Your Retail Media Strategy Across Marketplaces
1 Hour
Be 2022 Ready_featured

Webinar Overview & Highlights

How can your brand achieve success across the ever-expanding retail media landscape? Be nimble and flexible with your strategy and tactics across marketplaces 🛒. This includes looking beyond ROAS for KPIs 📊, being flexible in your fulfillment strategy 🎯 to navigate platforms and supply chain challenges 🔗, and more.

In this webinar, we partnered with e-commerce operations platform Skubana to cover how to diversify across marketplaces and get the best return for your business.

What we covered:
💡 Lessons learned in 2021, plus what’s coming in 2022 and how to apply it all to your marketplaces strategy
📊 Beyond ROAS: KPIs to focus on across marketplaces
🎯 How to adapt your strategy to weather supply chain and fulfillment challenges

Webinar Speakers
Sam Potter
Sam Potter Customer Success Team Lead
Kerry Mallett
Kerry Mallett Webinar Coordinator
Lizzie Allan
Lizzie Allan Specialist, Marketplaces

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