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Summertime Prep Webinar: Are You Ready for Vacation?
1 Hour
WBR_ Summertime Prep Webinar-1

Webinar Overview & Highlights

Summer 2021 is bright for eCommerce! In this webinar, four leading brands share their summer eCommerce strategies, tips, and tactics 🎯.

- Daasity
- Skubana
- Justuno
- Gorgias

- Mike Demson, Sr. Marketing Mgr, DripDrop ORS
- Hayden Wadsworth, Co-Founder/CEO, HydroJug
- Stephanie Iannazzone-Barbour, COO, Beach Bunny Swimwear
- Daniel Abramov, CDO, TKEES
- (Host) Jeremy Horowitz, Dir. of Marketing, Daasity

Key Takeaways:
- Brands are working hard to personalize every element of their platforms and messaging to better connect with customers 👩 .
- Brands are preparing for the Summer sales spike by treating sustained higher demand like BFCM/December Holidays 🎄

Webinar Speakers
Mike Demson
Mike Demson Sr. Marketing Manager
DripDrop ORS
Hayden Wadsworth
Hayden Wadsworth Co-Founder and CEO
Stephanie Iannazzone-Barbour
Stephanie Iannazzone-Barbour COO
Beach Bunny
Daniel Abramov
Daniel Abramov CDO

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