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Category: Systems Integrator or EDI

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

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Short Description helps businesses meet demands of customers and stakeholders by replacing time-consuming processes and traditional reporting with an intuitive supply chain control tower that provides advanced visibility into distributed data sets, proactive insights, and comprehensive dashboards in one platform. The built-in AI assistant, Athena, minimizes disruption and monitors data around the clock to flag anomalies and errors before turning into costly issues. Users simply ask Athena a question through voice or text in a single search bar and insights are delivered in seconds. With, customers eliminate bottlenecks to streamline end-to-end supply chain operation, improving margins with the power of AI-driven recommendations. Learn more at or request a demo today by contacting

We currently have customers in common with . For more details, reach out to Emily. currently has an App in the Skubana App Store

Average Monthly Pricing: 2500

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These are the topics their marketing team is focused on: Supply Chain Optimization, Inventory Visibility, Building Supply Chain Resilience and Agility

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