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How To Use This Partner Portal

This partner portal is a resource for Skubana employees to find partners to recommend to our prospects and customers.

You can use the filter on the main page to see a list of partners in each category– or you can use the links below:







Likewise, you can see a list of every partner with an App:

See all partners with an app.

What you'll find

This portal contains

  1. Links to email our contacts directly. If you decide to reach out to a partner, be sure to CC Emily, our Partnerships Manager, on any communications.
  2. Average Pricing: As reported in our partner questionnaire
  3. Links to One-Sheets to share with prospects and customers (when available)
  4. Marketing Info: This portal also includes information that partners provided in our partner questionnaire. One of those questions is related to areas that their marketing team is focused on. You can find those details at the bottom of the page.

Future State

This portal will soon include:

  1. Partners who are highly recommended.
  2. The number of customers they have in common with Skubana
  3. A list of customers they have in common with Skubana
  4. An FAQ section on each partner page, covering the common questions regarding that partner and their general category 

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